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It had been three days since my washing machine broke down. I called an appliance maintenance service on Tuesday and they showed up on Thursday even they told me that they will arrive in a matter of hours. Looks like their hours are ten times compared to normal.

So, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then on Thursday they showed up after three days. Just as any normal person should be, I was furious. This company’s appliance maintenance services in Las Vegas NV are not professional at all.

The workmen that arrive were wearing regular clothes filled with grease and dirt. What place had I called? They looked like car mechanics rather than the kind of mechanics who could repair my LG washing machine. It was the latest model and I wasn’t going to let them any way near it now.

I asked them why were they so freaking late and all they had to say was that they are sorry. Now coming to the best part they took out a clip board and said “So, there is a whirlpool dishwasher that we need to repair here? We provide the best whirlpool dishwasher repair service in Las Vegas Nevada”.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

I slammed to door on their faces. They left without a word, it seems like they understood what they did.

I asked my neighbor if she ever had to call for repairs and whom did she call? She told me she also had her washing machine broken down but it was a Samsung washing machine and she called a repair company that specialized in Samsung washing machine repair service for Las Vegas Nevada.

Long story short, she gave me the number for the company she had contacted and I gave them a call. They showed up at my door step in 45 minutes. IN 45 MINUTES, compare that to the three days I had to wait for the other company. Their arrival time was amazing and on top of that they were wearing clean matching uniform. Everything about them oozed the fact that they were serious professionals.

On the phone they told us that they can repair all kind of appliances not just one kind of appliances or appliances from a single company.

I took them to my washing machine, they asked for 30 minutes while they made their assessment. It took them a little but longer, but after 40 minutes they came back with the results. They told me that the washing machine could be fixed within 2 hours. The price they gave me was so affordable I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask them again about the repair charges.

I told them go ahead with the repairs. They had requested 2 hours for the repairs but they were done in just one. It was awesome. I had to wait three days for this company that didn’t even knew what they were here to fix and these guys did it in a total of 45+40+60… in like three hours.

I love this company and the service. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs repairs.

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