Wicker furniture for indoor and outdoor use

In the high-tech-minded modern world, with the growing interest in healthy lifestyles and ecology, the work of human hands – wicker furniture – emits a special warmth and brings a feeling of coziness to your home. Wicker things are the oldest art in the world. It is believed that the wicker things appeared before ceramics. The first wicker furniture appeared in ancient Rome. It is amazing that the wicker technology has remained almost unchanged until today.

For exotic items transported from southern colonies in the 19th century, interest in wicker things has returned to Europe. Such furniture brought from the far-off overseas testified to the property and power of the owners. Over time, the design and application of wicker furniture have changed. The wicker furniture first began to fill the gardens, the verandahs, and terraces of the country houses. The furniture created by Italian furniture designers began to appear in homes, apartments. Time has shown that wicker furniture will always be fashionable, attractive and practical.

The wicker furniture is usually associated with old things left by grandmothers. In shops, you will find not only wicker rocking chairs or laundry baskets but also seatings, sofas, tables, partitions, chests of drawers, bags of different sizes, from which you can build a shelf system.

Tables and chairs can be purchased separately, one at a time or sets of three or more items. Lightweight seats made of natural materials for convenience are often supplemented with large soft pillows. Wicker details can be combined with other materials, such as glass. The result will be a great magazine table.

Wicker elements, natural looking, add sophistication to any space. Lightweight and easy to rebuild, perfect for both indoor decor and outdoor arbors.

The wicker furniture in the indoor interior of the apartment reminds of the warm sunny summer days, although they need to be protected from sudden temperature rises. One of the options where you can use this furniture is to decorate the lounge in the living room. Wicker furniture is also great for a kitchen, bedroom or children’s room. Wicker furniture perfectly fits not only in a rustic interior. The visually fragile, but in fact, durable wicker furniture contrasts with the metal finish and pleasantly diversifies the interior.

The maintenance

Wicker furniture can be built in indoor premises, and in covered outdoor arbors. Because made of natural materials, wicker furniture cannot be kept outdoors constantly. Permanent humidity and sunlight are not recommended. Clean dust regularly with the vacuum cleaner. Occasionally clean the dirt accumulated in the openings with soapy water, thus preserving natural gloss.

If the furniture was in moisture and got molded, it can be removed with the following mixture: ¼ cup glass chlorkalk mixed with 1-1.2 liters of water. Try this solution in a less visible place, since after washing the area may get lighter. Do this outdoors and use protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.
Lacquer every few years, and polished the dark furniture to avoid spots.

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  1. They all look nice, organized, and very staged. I still have my old wicker couches with bamboo tables, which were bought as a set in 1986 when I was still in college. I now have modernized it with new bottom cushions from Urban Outfitters for the bottom and pillows for the back, as well as throw blankets, denim couch covers, mexican blankets, and wall rug with Last Supper scene on the back of on couch and another wall rug on the back of the other couch. It now looks so BoHo.

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