When My House Garage Shelving Made Me Famous Among My Friends!

“Linda where have you kept my painting toolset?” I asked my wife in a frustrated tone as I entered my bedroom. This was becoming annoying now. At first, I just couldn’t understand why my wife keeps on stuffing my tool kits, DIY craft and other items related to sports and vehicles in the garage. I admit I don’t use it that often, only on weekends that too when I watch new DIY arts and crafts video.

This was getting too much now! Each time I bring my toolset inside my bedroom only to find it stuffed away in the card box in the garage. Linda even once taunts me to use the garage as my DIY studio, not our bedroom. Suddenly an idea popped up in my mind. Why not follow Linda’s advice? Why not build shelves in my garage to keep my tools kit safe and within reach.

I started browsing the internet for the easy DIY Garage Shelving Ideas. To say I was flabbergasted to find 100 of shelving ideas will be an understatement. Internet was filled with articles and videos of how to build your own garage shelve. I checked whether or not I have all the tools and gears to carry out the necessary repairs or not.

Garage Shelving

I made a list of all the things I needed to build my own garage shelves. I shared my idea with Linda. At first, she was delighted. As now the garage floor will no longer be crowded with my stuff. But when she heard that I was going to build the shelves, she went all out on me. She tried her best to talk me out of making my own garage door and instead hire a professional. I only agreed if the garage shelving price in Yardley PA was affordable.

I flared up my laptop and began searching for readymade garage shelves prices.  I was astonished to find extraordinary garage shelves ideas and designs that left me mesmerized as well as excited. I immediately dropped the idea of building a shelf on my own.

professional garage shelving

While browsing I came across one website of professional garage shelving. I was bowled by their unique shelves and services provided. I immediately booked an appointment with them. They promised to send a representative the next day for free estimates. The professional came to our house on the designated time and started inspecting each nook and cranny of my large garage.

He asked me whether I want jumbo type dispenser or not as I told him earlier that I love to do mechanics and fix the common household carpentry, plumbing issues myself. I also informed him about my DIY arts and crafts obsession. I was delighted over this idea and gave him a go ahead.

He asked me to leave everything up to him and give him only two weeks’ time. I readily agreed.

After two weeks when I entered my garage I was speechless. The expert that I hired had transformed the entire look and feel of my garage.  He had not only created a stylish sliding storage system on the ceiling of my garage but also screwdriver coat rack, shovel rack store, and my favorite folding garage workbench.

The workbench was not only super creative and versatile but also could be easily used for my weight training. No doubt adding garage shelves not only changed the whole look of my garage but also provided me with a proper space to keep my useful stuff. My wife and friends were amazed by the transformation of my garage thus making me happier at the superb job done.


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Written by Jack Felix

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