What Type of Cleaning Should be done at End of Tenancy?

So your tenancy period is over and you are now moving to a new house. Apart from packing your belongings and settling old bills, you need to pay attention to the cleaning as well. The cleaning done before vacating a rented house is called the end of tenancy cleaning. Some people prefer hiring professionals for cleaning jobs while others manage to do it physically. Regardless of your choice, you must be curious about the contents of an end of tenancy cleaning. So, here is a list of cleaning chores that must be addressed at the end of the tenancy. Read on to know more about the cleaning jobs to be done at the end of the tenancy.

  • Walls and Ceiling

What could be your reaction if your guests bring their children to your place and the children ruin the walls and ceiling with their crayons? The same will be the reaction of your landlord of you don’t Clean the Walls and ceilings at the end of your tenancy. You have to hand over the rented house just like it was when you entered it. This includes clean walls and shining ceilings. Walls and ceilings certainly get dusted if they are not cleaned for a prolonged period. For the sake of your reputation in the eyes of the landlord, clean the walls and ceilings, and bless them with a unique glitter.

  • Floors 

The floors are often occupied with manifold items such as couch, bed, and carpets. If you have pets at home, this can be further dirty. The dirt and dust along with stains hidden under carpets and couches are tough to clean and if the flooring material ties, then the cleaning becomes vital. As a result, it is suggested that you call for professions end of tenancy cleaning in Auckland. This service provider companies have industrial tools and gears to clean tough and obstinate stains and dust particles. By hiring professional cleaners, you can focus on the other things since they assure you of a thorough cleanup.

  • Interiors

If you have rented the house with interiors, you must clean and overhaul the house interiors. Interior items such as carpets and dining tables become easy to clean off you hire professional domestic help. Otherwise, you can also use the tools professionals use to clean the interiors. With expert cleaning gears by your side, you can efficiently clean the interiors and handover a sterile place to your landlord. Who knows, the landlord might suggest some new place to rent by getting impressed by your dedication in cleaning!

Offering a clean and glittering house reflects your persona as a decent tenant. This is also important for your reputation since many landlords ask about your status to your previous landlord.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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