What Separates Fine Egyptian Cotton from Regular Sheets?

When it comes to buying best bed sheets, Egyptian bed sheets are top of the list. There is no doubt they are expensive than regular bedsheets but what are the things that justify their higher price. Let’s take a look at some factors that separates fine Egyptian cotton bed sheets from regular sheets.

Egyptian Cotton is Different

The primary difference between regular sheets and Egyptian cotton bed sheets is the cotton used. It is a known fact that the properties of cotton coming from different plants are never going to be the same. The Egyptian cotton is specifically known for its long staples. Besides, the cultivation methods also make a huge difference.

For example, Egyptian cotton is hand-picked. This puts less stress on the fiber and they stay straight and intact. One of the advantages of this aspect is it is possible for weavers to create longer and finer yarns. Unlike regular cotton which has more splices, Egyptian cotton yarn is longer, softer, and stronger. It has finer threads and it is possible to have a higher thread count in the same surface area. There is no doubt the Egyptian cotton sheets are so breathable and softer in comparison to regular sheets.

The Comfort Factor

One of the biggest things that separate Egyptian cotton sheets and regular sheets is the old fashioned comfort factor. Egyptian cotton sheets are considered as the epitome of luxury. As mentioned earlier, Egyptian cotton fibers are longer and there are lesser rough ends of the thread in a sheet that gives coarseness to cotton sheets. When discussing the comfort aspect, you cannot forget the softness factor. Egyptian cotton sheets have higher thread count in the range of 400 and above. You can also find sheets having a 1000 thread count. According to bedding experts, thread count is directly linked to the comfort factor of the fabric; higher the thread count the softer and comfortable the bed sheet is.

Stronger than regular cotton

Durability is an important factor in bed linen. As mentioned earlier, the manual plucking of Egyptian cotton protects the cotton staples from any damage and the result is the threads are longer and stronger. Also, the Egyptian cotton fibers are no thicker than 1 denier whereas regular cotton has a thickness of 1.5 deniers. Despite the lower thickness, the Egyptian cotton fiber is stronger that makes the Egyptian cotton sheets more solid and resistant to stress. One of the advantages of the finer thread is the Egyptian cotton sheets have a higher thread count that makes them more durable and long lasting. Also, the tighter weave makes Egyptian cotton sheets stronger in comparison to regular bed sheets.

100% Pure Cotton

If you ignore the insufficient rainfall, other climatic conditions in Egypt are favorable for harvesting good quality cotton.  The soil of the Nile is considered to be extremely fertile and the temperatures and humidity are just right for growing cotton. The water of Nile pumps cotton crop with nutrients that leads to overall softer product and longer fibers.  Cotton is one of the main crops in Egypt and there is great demand for it as well. Textile manufacturer association and the Egyptian government have put in place a DNA certification process which requires the cotton to go through certain processes to prove its authenticity. The result is the Egyptian cotton sheets you buy have gone through rigorous DNA certification process to ensure the cotton used in a bed sheet is 100% pure Egyptian cotton.

Due to all the above reasons, Egyptian bed sheets are considered to be the gold standard in bed linen. These premium sheets score higher than regular bedsheets in all aspects such as durability, comfort, and softness that makes them world’s finest cotton bed sheets.


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