Ways by You Can Minimise the Entry of Pests and Other Types of Bugs Into Your Garage

There’s no doubt that the garage generally serves as a place to protect your vehicles, items to be stored neatly and also acts as an additional workspace as well. While the garage can turn out to be a very adaptable and practical household area for several things, it can also home many bugs and pests.

During summers, insects who are looking to save themselves from the heat and want a cooler place to stay, take shelter inside the garage. Similarly, in the winters, these pests need additional warmth and protection from the cold and thereby enter the garage for taking refuge. Finding critters inside your garage that is fitted with roller door motors can quickly become unsettling. Times like these are when you need some major tips & tricks in removing unwanted insects and also avoid any future infestations too.

The List Of Common Garage Pests

As a responsible homeowner, you’re sure-shot to find pests inside your property in various shapes and forms. These types of sightings can easily range from simple inconveniences like flies buzzing around to massive issues such as property damages. Most pests take shelter inside your garage because they’ll receive a steady source of water, food, space for nesting, light and other opportunities as well.

Below are some of the most usual pests that you can find inside your garage:

  1. Silverfish
  2. Flies
  3. Spiders
  4. Crickets
  5. Ants
  6. Cockroaches
  7. Moths
  8. Mice

The Methods To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garage

Taking Care Of Existing Pests – There’s no use of taking in further preventive measures if there are pests already living inside your garage. Your first stride would be to abolish the existing pests and then apply preventive measures. To do this, you’ll need the help of a pest control company, and have them inspect your garage & home for the main source of infestation for complete removal.

Clean Your Garage Out – After all the insects have been removed successfully, it’s time to clean out your garage by removing all the debris, sweeping the floors and replacing all cardboard boxes with new plastic containers. Keep your containers on shelves so that you can eliminate any hiding spots for further pest infestation and opportunities for nesting. Keep your pet food inside airtight containers and look for any sources of moisture, which you can dry out with a portable fan.

Inspect For Any Cracks And Check Your Garage Door – You need to check for cracks in the foundation, ceilings, walls including gaps in windows and doorways as well. You also need to inspect your garage door for its condition because any gaps between the garage floors and the weatherstripping can easily invite pests. Seal all cracks and gaps with the help of silicone caulk.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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