Warmth in the house with lighting

More atmosphere in the house with warm light

Especially during the cold winter days, we have an extra need for warmth and coziness in the house. Lighting plays a major role in this. With the right light, you can make it so cozy at home! Often an interior is created because furniture and lamps have been collected over the years, which has been given a place. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but because of this you sometimes see no longer making it not cozy in the house.

Lighting interior tips for the office.

Take a critical look at your interior, what are you happy with and what not? If you are not good at this yourself, then ask a friend to watch. In an average household, there are far too few lights, making it practical but not pleasantly lit. It is precisely by hanging and putting down many different lamps that it becomes much cozier. Of course, you don’t always have to turn everything on, but there are times when you just need some extra lighting at a certain angle. A hodgepodge or lamps is also often what makes it messy. Make a good plan and choose unity. This can also be done very timeless so that it does not have to change often. It is important to see where you need or miss lighting.

You can make a sketch of the room and indicate where you lack lighting. This way you make a lighting plan yourself. You can read more about this in this blog.

Choose lamps in the same style. For example the same color lampshades on a standing lamp and a hanging lamp. They are easy to replace. Or lamp bases in the same color.

Then the lamp itself that you turn into is important. You can choose from warm to cool and from soft to bright light. Dimmers are ideal to adjust the light to the moment.

Loose pears

Completely hip is loose pears above the table, the kitchen or as a hanging lamp next to the bed. That looks like an old-fashioned light bulb on a sturdy pendant. Often ‘carbon wire’ LED lamps are used for this, which give beautiful, warm light. It brings atmosphere and coziness into the home and saves energy. A lot of LED lighting can be dimmed so that you can adjust the lighting to the moment. Work light if you need it and warm candlelight for a cozy evening.

Select lamps

The individual lamps can be purchased in many different models. From drop to the diamond in different sizes. This way you create your own, original lighting in your home. You can choose the look of the lamp yourself, as well as how much you hang together. Nowadays you buy pendants that can hold up to 5 lamps or hang them on an industrial tube above the table. Even the cords can be seen and can hang loose over the ceiling without adhesive strips.

Smart lighting

With a Smart lighting system, the lights can be controlled remotely, dimmed or changed color. This way you can switch on the lights when you are away to reduce the risk of burglary. But also in the evening with a glass of wine in one hand and the smartphone in your other hand, you can dim the light without having to get off the couch. Handy!


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