Wallpapers Becoming the Preferred Choice for Home Renovation

Interior design trends evolve over time. When it comes to wall fashion, the home décor segment in India has seen quite a change. Traditionally, home owners have always chosen paint for any renovation purpose. But presently, wallcoverings have become the first choice for wall décor in homes, offices and commercial spaces. Wallpapers are slowly gaining an edge over wall paints. This is because wallpapers offer much varied choices than just paint. They are more durable and also cost-effective. Home owners can also customize wallpaper for walls. So overall, they are a superior choice than paints for home decoration.

Wallpapers can completely transform the look of a room. Their vibrant designs and colors bring in a visual interest to the room. From bold, oversized prints to minimalist patterns, wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs. They also offer a lot of customization options for home walls. Wallpapers look good in every space of the home. From the bedroom to living room to bathroom to kitchen, wallpapers do look good in every corner. In some cases, they are also used on the ceiling, corridors and staircases. One can also customize wallpaper for walls to create a special impact. For example, a school library may order for custom-made wallpaper with use several popular book quotes to make the reading space more attractive for children. Wallpapers add a certain ‘wow’ factor to any space.

One of the reasons why wallpapers are so popular is because they are easy to install. Even a small paint job takes up at least 3-4 days to complete. The walls have to be smoothened and a base coat of primer is applied before any new paint can be applied. Moreover, the walls need an extra day to dry up. Wall painting is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Wallpaper installation, on the other hand, is time-saving. Depending on the size of the room, it takes about an hour to six hours to put up wallpaper on the walls. It is a hassle-free process, and thus, much preferred by many home owners.


In terms of budget, wallpapers are cost-effective in the long run. High quality paints are quite expensive. And if home owners want any special texture, the cost goes further up. With wallpaper, there is no added cost for designs and textures. While they might be more expensive when installing for the first time, wallpapers are a long-time investment. Most paints lose their shine after 4-5 years and need a repainting job. Wallpapers are much more durable and last for 10 years or more. They are easy to clean and can be well-maintained for a longer periods of time. Most vinyl-based wallpapers can be wiped with a damp cloth and any stains on the walls can be easily removed. Thus, they remain good-looking even after years.

And most important, wallpapers offer a wide choice of designs, patterns, textures, colors and styles. Home owners can pick their favorite wallpaper design and decorate their rooms exactly as they want. They can also choose to customize wallpaper for walls. With advanced methods of digital printing, one can have any design printed for their home walls. Wallpapers also come in different materials such as vinyl, fabric, foil, linen, suede, etc. Each wallpaper material comes with its own pros and cons.

When picking new wallpaper for a room, home owners shall keep the end use of the room in mind. For example, living room is meant to entertain guests, while the bedroom is a personal space. The type of ambience you a room to have will determine its wallpaper style. Like, a kid’s room must have bright and colorful wallpaper to give a happy and playful vibe to the space.

The wallpaper you choose should also complement the rest of elements in the room including the furniture, lighting, and other furnishings. Like, metallic wallpaper will not go well in a room with lots of plants, rattan furniture and bamboo rugs. Botanical prints or grass-cloth wallpaper may be more suitable for such a room.

The wallpaper material also features in the selection process. For example, foil-based wallpapers are often used in rooms that do not receive much of natural light. This is because foil wallpapers create a glossy look. Light is reflected off these walls which makes the space look brighter. In conclusion, home owners need to be smart when picking wallpapers for their walls.


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