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Tips on how to arrange cushions on a couch

It usually is chosen to have a double or triple seat sofa in a living room, for which an entirely different image can be given using cushions. There is no need for them to be the same or from the same collection, as using a few basic tips, you can easily match even the most different cushions.

So first of all, keep in mind that the cushions start aligning from the edges to the center. Therefore, you should choose two larger formats (for example, 50x50cm) that fit together. And then to the center, you can get smaller and even not necessarily square ones. The central cushion may not only be in rectangular shape but also round or cigarette-shaped.

Smaller pillows should be placed in front of larger ones, for example, three large single-colored cushions (50x50cm or more), and two smaller variegated cushions harmonized together.

The most beautiful look the uneven number of cushions, for example, the classic choice for double sofas, would be five cushions. As symmetrical rooms and furniture look most delicious, it is also necessary to observe symmetry in matching sofa cushions, so it is advisable to combine the pairs of cushions from the edges, while the central one remains for improvisation because this is the least way to go wrong.

A great designer’s tip is to match all the pillows of the same or similar color, but with different textures: wool, lace, fur, etc.

You do not have to choose too many different cushions. Therefore, if you are choosing different patterns, it would be best to choose only two or three main colors, then your sofa will not look too colorful.

If the furniture is bigger, it is possible to combine the cushions by simply choosing one cover as the main one, changing it with other writing cushions (for example, one blue, one striped, one blue, one checked, and one more blue, one flowered cushion, etc.).

It is also important to keep in mind that cushions must not only interact with each other but also to the common interior of the room. In most cases, they are combined with curtains pattern or color.

A great idea is to match the cushions pattern with other soft furniture in the room, say if you have a single-colored sofa and a checked armchair, it’s a verified classic version where at least one cushion on the sofa plays the main color of the armchair or pattern’s details.

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