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Tips for Modern Wrought Iron Beds – Style, Strength and Comfort

The continuity of one the most ancient techniques of artistic metals processing metals still can be found in the modern production of furniture. It can be said that beds are the most commonly used furniture made with forging. Luxurious and durable, yet elegant, forged beds are able to bring elegance and chic even to the most ordinary interior.

Features of forged products and manufacturing options

In the skillful hands of the masters, such a solid and durable material, like iron, is capable of turning into a lace, an easy (but only visually) product for decorating the interior. It is noteworthy that in the case of wrought-iron beds, furniture performs its functions 100%, but at the same time brings into an image of the aristocracy room, instantly becoming an accent of the interior, attracting all the views.

For many of us, wrought products are associated with the decoration of the palace, the rich dwellings of the representatives of the nobility. In the modern world, there are a mass of options for arranging a bedroom in a dwelling of a variety of modifications. Forged bed can be organically fit into the neo-classic interior or accentuate the ultra-modern design of the sleeping space.

Modern manufacturers of wrought beds offer us a wide range of models. Depending on the interior style in which it is necessary to enter the main furnishing of the bedroom, you can choose a bed with a lot of openwork interlacing and forged decor, or a model with a laconic design, a minimal set of decorations that can become part of the modern interior. You can find and beds, in the manufacture of which the combination of wrought iron with other materials (mostly wood) was used.

Forged bed is the undisputed leader in its segment. It is at this time that the popularity of this type of furnishings reaches its peak. Against the background of a rapid change in the environment, the speed of life, many citizens would like to fully feel the comfort and tranquility of their own home.

Smooth bends of forged products, ornate curls and the finest lace of wrought-iron decor are able not only to bring harmony into the interior of the bedroom, but also to create an absolutely unique atmosphere. Whether it is a luxury of the Middle Ages or a creative understanding of the present – it is up to you to decide, a bed with a forged frame can be found in any type of the interior.

In addition to incredible aesthetic qualities, forged products have quite practical advantages. Strong and durable items of furniture can serve you for many years, become a family heritage passed down from generation to generation. Ecologically clean material is not capable of harming a person or the environment. Forged products can be used by children and allergy sufferers without any risk. Wrought iron beds are safe and reliable, they have high fire-fighting qualities. Among other things, forged beds are not deformed and are characterized by high moisture resistance.

Wrought beds manufacturing methods

Artistic forging, made by hand, simply cannot be cheap. Therefore, the cost of wrought beds significantly exceeds the analogues of chipboard or fiberboard. When creating forged products, the masters can use two methods of metal processing: hot and cold.

The hot way to process the material is to heat the raw material to 600-700 degrees. Solid and durable metal becomes plastic, capable of accepting the most intricate forms. For hot forging, both hand tools and a machine hammer are used – it is necessary for the formation of curved parts. Under the press are made cast elements – monograms, leaves and flowers.

The second method of metal processing is called cold, because it is carried out with the help of a stamping machine. The use of a stamping machine makes it possible to significantly reduce downtime not only the production process but also the final cost of finished products. Forged cold-finished parts became available to a wider range of buyers.

Wrought iron beds in different styles of interior decoration

Designers use wrought beds in various stylistic directions of interior design of the bedroom. In the classical rooms, the wrought bed bed with rich decor adds notes of luxury and respectability, to the style of the country it brings a cozy, romantic style and to the Provence style elegant curves of forged heads will add softness and lightness to the image of the room, the aged surfaces of metal products will fit in the style of Shabby chic.

Obviously, any classic styles are perfect for using a wrought iron bed as the central furniture object for bedroom arrangement. But also moderated, an adapted classic version for a wrought bed is great. A neo-classical bedroom will only benefit from using forgings in the frame or the headboard of the bed. Moreover, there is no need to use very expensive models with many decorative elements wrought manually.

For the style of the country excellent suited forged beds with a minimum decor. Combined with wooden surfaces, which are renowned for this style of living space, the metal looks superb, bringing cool notes to the warm atmosphere of the room. In order to design a sleeping place organized on a wrought bed, in this case, checked fabrics, small flowers or single-color variants of natural cotton, flax will fit.

In the modern style of sleeping space design, wrought beds with a laconic design look organically. The reliability and durability of the furniture, its practicality and solidity perfectly fit into the aesthetics of modern stylistics with its functionality and love for laconism. A simple design of a wrought iron bed can be used in Scandinavian style, even for such uneasy stylistics as minimalism, a suitable model of a sleeping place with a metal frame can be found.

The bed with ornate wrought iron decor is the perfect choice for designing a sleeping place for a romantic interior decoration style. Metal lace will be perfectly combined with the romance of the sleeping space, expressed in gentle color solutions, pleasant fabrics, and fine decor.

For a Shabby style, a chic forged bed is just a discovery. After all, the metal object of furniture is as perfectly associates with family values, interior elements transmitted from generation to generation. The bed may have a patina, slightly peeling paint, or it may not be painted at all – for the style of shabby chic, such an appearance will be fine.

Wrought iron bed in white is a versatile variant for various styles in interior decoration. Even for children’s rooms, whose stylistics cannot always be determined precisely, such a piece of furniture will beautify the room. The snow-white design of the bed can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere in the same light color palette of the room trim or to play on the contrast, placed on a bright or dark surface.

Similarly, the situation is with forged beds of black color. Such a piece of furniture instantly becomes the center of attraction of all eyes, because the finishing of sleeping areas is mainly performed in light, pastel colors. To create a harmonious image of the sleeping space, designers recommend duplicating the black color in any element of the interior.


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