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Tips for interior design according to your zodiac sign


Conservative Capricorns should not be tempted by fashionable ideas from magazines or listening to advice from popular designers. Ideal furniture and interior details is classic, conservative. Available colors – quiet: all green, brown, gray hues, stylish black and white gamma. The furniture has to be associated with care, reliability and practicality. In the living room you can find out the highlighting and expensive, antique furniture – leather sofas, armchairs, chairs.

The Aquarius

This sign is main astrological experimenter, who wants to escape from the banality, tends to extremes. The best interior style is the avant-garde, always fashionable high tech. Ideal combination of colors – changeable and rarely found in nature. Technology – the favorite thing of Aquarius, the home loaded by modern gadgets – the fulfillment of dreams.  We are talking not only about kitchen appliances, TVs and washing machines, but also about the latest technologies, such as lighting and room humidification, about cute but often useless alarms, heaters, holders, etc.


Fishes are sensual romantics, who need a rest from surroundings in their home – in peace and relaxation. The interior should only be made of calm and pastel shades: white, creamy, yellow, gently blue and green, with country or Eastern style. Try not to overload the room with the furniture and decorations. Fishes need space and air. The furniture is selected according to lightness and functionality.


Aries are one of the strongest and most energetic characters, almost the only one who will feel comfortable in the interior with red or black walls, bright spots and shocking design solutions. Cold or light colors are not suitable for Aries, all gold, amber, yellow, orange, red colors will perfectly fit.


Taurus is a supporter of classicism and romanticism. The best color – cream, lilac, brown and pink, light and pastel. The Taurus craves for luxury and wealth, what are strikingly reflected in the design, furniture, decoration and accessories. They are tempted to turn their rooms as an exhibition with expensive, custom-made textiles, carved furniture, modern home appliances. Do not overdo it with vases, paintings, statues and crystal chairs. Over time, all these beauties drive out the personality of the owner from the interior.

Katie from agreed with this “My star sign is Taurus and my interior design matches exactly this, it gives the room a  great rich but subtle look.”


They are the fans of permanent changes in the interior, party and guest lovers. Gemini needs a cozy environment, space and practicality. Light and mobile furniture, tables – transformers, sofas and tables, wicker chairs, tables and cabinets on wheels, puffs and a lot of cushions on the ground – all this will allow you to take guests often, do not feel the clutter of rooms and do not bother in a monotonous interior.


Cancer feels that his house is a fortress, a safe haven, especially because the family is extremely important for him. They devote a big attention to interior, even the cottages and the villa they are happy to install themselves on the basis of personal comfort. The optimal colors are calm, constraint and noble: white, pearl, yellow, brown, blue. If you choose dark shades, add them with bright, white or translucent curtains, bedspreads and other textile products.


They need a luxury atmosphere, and ideal furniture – made of expensive wood, finishes – natural materials: leather, precious metal. In their home – exclusive vases, fashionable paintings – everything must be original and best. Most Lions value quality, brand and price. In the interior Leos go for gold, orange, red, purple, terracotta, bright blue color. If the budget does not allow to buy luxury furniture, the perfect solution – bright walls and an electric fireplace.


A practical sign that creates a harmonious and, at the same time, a functional interior, with even a minimal budget. The Virgo feels great when in the interior dominates straight lines and geometric patterns.  The combination of colors for the Virgo is just a cult, an inevitable necessity. Their ideal colors are light blue, light gray, light green, creamy and brown, ideal style – minimalism. Reliable, durable, stable furniture in the most comfortable places, shelves and boxes, where you can arrange things thoroughly, deliberate lighting.


Balanced people who value harmony, but rarely learn to maintain a unified style on their own. If you’re in the Libra, invite the designer to arrange an apartment, it is desirable he to know the fancy of Feng Shui. The pleasant colors – warm taste: classic coffee with milk, pink, cream color shades, as well as pastel green. Furniture is not very important, it is desirable to have a uniform number and make up symmetry.


Mystery and puzzle lover, choosing classics with a mild exotic spice. Try not to abuse red hues, especially with wine tints, bright orange and black colors – they are more suitable for accessories than the basic colors of your home. The same is with dimmed lights, dark curtains that are light-proof, black atlas – leave them for the bedroom, let the living room be brighter, not like a cave. The best furniture for Scorpio is those that are full of hidden possibilities: fitted drawers, wardrobes with sliding doors, various screens, tables with secret sections.


The sign of the Zodiac that is happy with life and least tied to four, albeit native, walls. Even at Sagittarius house, he must be surrounded by things from their trips, and these things do not need to be interconnected. The rooms are full of souvenirs, almost always it’s impractical, but exotic items that can be praised and reminiscent of distant lands. Due to the collector’s passion, they necessarily need cabinets and chests of drawers, as well as a lot of shelves, otherwise the apartment will become a meaningless museum of various trivia. The same can be said about the books that Sagittarius accumulates all the time – assign for them a library or at least a separate shelf.

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