Tips for the interior, where the main accent is wood

Recently, I had to discuss with the client about the wood in the interior. How do we imagine a wooden interior? How do we imagine a wooden interior? First of all, whoever is coming to the head is a log house or a sauna, sculpted with an eye-catching orange lacquer.

Another idea is pseudo-country bistro and cafes on the roads where rough tables and benches are located, several saucepans, pots and herbs bundles are placed. The easiest and cheapest way to create the interior without creating it, clutter it with all kind of trash, without respecting either authenticity or chronology and to name it a rustic wooden interior. It also creates an image that the wooden interior is not suitable for the apartment, which is more a privilege for a country farm, that it is more suitable to the bathhouse.

The idea was to show that the wooden interior can be modern, contemporary, not oppressing and elegant. After all, the wood is a part of us, nature.

When choosing photos, I deliberately tried to separate myself from log-houses (this turned into a separate topic), farmsteads, and saunas. I wanted to show you how to combine wood and modern technologies and solutions. How to use the spiritual heat of the wood.

By the way, the main accent of this client’s interior will be a wood.

In the contemporary interior, the panels can be both solid wood and chipboard. This makes a decision cheaper and gives more opportunities.
The English office is traditionally “paved” by a wood from floor to ceiling. Bookshelves are designed as an organic part of the wall.
The wooden interior may even look very futuristic. It is the wood that gives the heat.

It is often feared that the use of natural wood boards in the interior will give a suppressive impression. In this case, it is recommended to whiten the boards as its like to do Scandinavians, Frenchmen.
And do not be afraid of wooden ceilings. Here are some interiors, different styles, and colors, but they are joined by wooden ceilings.
Pitched roofs made of wood. Both easy and elegant, and a sense of space.


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