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Tips for the American interior – 7 important features

America does not need to be advertised. It is a country and its people who are capable of presenting themselves as best they can and present with all possible positive meanings. Americans are somehow the best in the world who know how to properly get people interested in their proposed idea, production or even life, whatever it is – music, cinema, product, service or even philosophy.

What is neutral, too sentimental – for Americans, it is not interesting, boring. Everything needs to be bold, bright, distinguishable. Exclusivity in the true sense of the word, and not just on the concept! The Americans also have a particularly delicious taste. Today, I will discuss the exclusive and one of the most prominent interior trends – the American interior.

1. Warm, warm colors floors

One of the hallmarks of the American interior is the warm, cozy, floor of the beautiful colors. Redwood, cherry, American peanuts, and other types of woody, brownish/yellowish ones are always the primary choice for Americans when it comes to flooring.

This choice has many advantages. First of all, it’s home coziness, warmth, good mood in any weather outside the window! Floors in the interior occupy quite a lot of space, and therefore their color influences the atmosphere of the room accordingly. Another thing to note is that the warm – brown, yellow flooring highlights furniture of any, even neutral color. Neutral color furniture is chosen very often due to its unobstructed tonnage and practicality.

2. High, white, expressive skirting boards

Perhaps many do not know, but such skirting boards, which are currently very popular in Europe, came from America. Their idea and purpose are extremely simple and generous: to distinguish and highlight the relationship between the floor and the painted walls. This simple solution gives a special charm to both the floor and the walls and the color, and again highlight the entire interior!

3. Contrast

Americans appreciate and understand the importance of contrast. The contrasting colors and shades (say black-white, warm-cold) of the interiors and furniture, interacting with each other, always look brighter and more impressive than combining everything under the modest scenario – “to make things fit”. According to Americans, if you want your stylish sofa to be not dissolved in the whole interior, select it in opposite colors than the floor. Contrast black and white is not necessary, but the meaning is understood.

If the sofa and the floor have long been chosen, the situation can be dramatically improved by the contrasting color of the carpet, creating a contrast between the soft furniture and the floor. According to Americans, a neutral sofa is always possible and most likely even necessary to be decorated with bright, colored pillows with or without a pattern.

The neutral hue wall will look much livelier with a vivid picture and so on. Such examples are many. A smart, tasty contrast is always necessary in order to create a luxurious interior!

4. Glass, metal, chromium

The glass, chrome, glossy metal is understood and valued by the Americans as particularly luxurious and aristocratic materials! In the finest American interiors, we will always see dining tables, chairs, and tables of this material. It is worth noting that glass and metal – not only the finest, the cheapest materials, but also the best fitted to everything in the interior – with a wood, a textile, and their different colors.

If you want something exclusive, instead of a wooden one, select a table with metal chrome legs and a translucent glass countertop.

5. Medium or larger luminaires next to the upholstered furniture and beds

Almost in any luxurious American interior, from both sides of the sofa or bedroom, we will surely see fairly large lamps with impressive size round or square hoods. This place does not require a special comment – a great distinction!

6. Bright, enlivening details

This has already been mentioned, but such a simple and clever American solution is ideal for those who even like the absolute neutrality of the interior.

According to the Americans, the interior can also have a calm color tonnage, but the rooms will just feel much more distinct if they are decorated with such vivid details as beautiful paintings, pillows, vases, and the like. The details, no matter how vivid they are, never attract much attention, they do not hurt, but in the interior of the American style, it’s a common atmosphere of good mood, expressiveness, and liveliness! Be sure to take this advice.

7. Patterns

Americans use patterns and textures widely in their interior, sometimes they are not ordinary flowers or objects, but rather interpret, modernize Greek/Roman motifs. One or two walls on a living or dining room decorated with special wallpaper add even more momentum, it highlights the colors of the adjoining walls, positively influences the appearance of the furniture and other interior objects, enriches the interior!

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