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Tips for plants in balconies

To decorate the balcony, you will need to put some effort, but on the other hand, it will be much more pleasant to be surrounded by a small flowering garden for those few months, while spending time in the fresh air. One of the landscaping methods, which can be approached to nature, is the greening of the balcony (flowers). Such balconies adorn any building. But it’s not only decorating – plants, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the environment, cleans and refreshes the air, improves the microclimate of the premises, protects buildings from sun rays and precipitation.

If you want the balcony to sink all the spring and summer in the flowers, then in the autumn add tulips and narcissus bulbs in the pots or boxes, which in early spring will open the season. You can plant two-year-old plants and perennials.

When planting flowers in the balconies, one must pay attention to the general view of the buildings, their purpose, the color of the walls, the illumination, and the vertical elements of the planting. Residential buildings are best suited for complex landscaping – one or all of the balconies and terraces. Taking into account the color scheme of the whole house, it is best to construct boxes in the same places on the balconies.

Flowers are a living organism with certain light, temperature and humidity requirements. Because plants that grow on the balconies often do not protect themselves from bad weather, it is better to plant one-year flowers, and even indoor plants can be taken out to the balcony during warmer seasons. It is best to plant those types of plants that do not require very careful care arbor, and create a miniature flower bed under each window – a bright, colorful and spreading great aroma. The balcony on the south or southwest side of the house is the optimal option because most of the plants are fond of light.

Depending on the location of the boxes intended for plant growth, you can make a plan for several landscaping variations. On large balconies, boxes are better to be laid on the ground, and on ordinary balconies, boxes should be better placed on balconies rails.

Although there are not many places on the balcony, on the walls, in the windows or behind them, using different fastening elements, it is possible to find places for many plants. In the long balconies, individual vertical panels can be installed.

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