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Tips For Creating A Home Library Like A Professional

Hello to all the book lovers out there! You must already have your own home library, full with your favorite books that you enjoy reading so much. And why not make some improvements and make it look like it was designed by a professional? This is not a hard assignment after all. There are some crucial tips that will help you with that. This post gathers them all. Read on and find out more about these tips for creating a home library like a professional!

Vertical & Horizontal

Placing books both vertical and horizontal will add some dimension to your library. Turn the books on their sides and stack them up. The top is reserved for placing some eye-catching decorations. That’s how professionals do it!

A Splash Of Color

Colorful background will give a fresh and different look to your shelves. This is a powerful way of giving a personal note. Don’t wait, grab a paint brush and bring some color into your bookcase!


Keep The Balance

Playing with colors and  sizes will add visual interest. Always keep the balance when doing this. Use a stack of books to give height to objects. You can see how a perfect balance is achieved in the photo below.


Keep It In Eyesight

You have probably never considered this one. Place the most important items that will draw the attention in the lower shelves. In that way, they will be eye-level for the seated guests. Items such as artwork or souvenirs are the right choice.

“Book Art”

Book covers can be true masterpieces. If you have a book with beautiful designed cover, place it with the cover facing forward. It will make such a nice artwork. Why leave it between the other ones, when you can make it visible?

Sort By Color

Sorting books by color will give your home library a special touch. Perfectionists will love looking at your shelves. Having a “book rainbow” in your home sure sounds like a good idea!


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Written by Kristina


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