Tips for choosing the perfect color for the bedroom wall

Choosing the color palette for the bedroom is a complicated task. On the one hand, it would be desirable to find the optimal variant of the walls color, which would correspond to personal preferences, on the other – the mode dictates often opposite variations, with the third – common sense tells the palette, which would create a truly relaxing atmosphere. Often a dilemma between the desire to bring cheerfulness into the interior of the room and the creation of an atmosphere in which one could relax and have a good rest leads to controversial decisions. The fact is that too many factors affect the choice of color space of the bedroom, but we always can find a compromise.

Factors affecting the choice of wall color in the bedroom

To follow exclusively personal preferences and fashion trends in the design of living premises is erroneous, it is also important to consider the following aspects:

  • Dimensions and shape of the room, the height of ceilings;
  • The design of other surfaces of the room (the ideal option is  to plan the entire interior together, when you know in advance that the ceiling will be formed with a snow-white glossy suspended construction or using a matt version of the ceiling, that the flooring will be executed in a dark color or a natural wood pattern will be applied );
  • Location of the room in a relation to the light sides (for the southern side you can choose a cool palette, for the north – exceptionally warm tones);
  • The presence, number, and size of window openings (the more of natural light there are in the room, the more dark and bright shades you can afford when choosing a color gamut);
  • A combination of wall decoration with a color choice of furnishings and basic textile decoration;
  • The way of life of the owners (shift work, in which it is necessary to sleep in the daytime, imposes an imprint on creating a certain atmosphere of the room, the key element of which will be the finishing of the walls).

At first glance, it may seem that there are too many unknowns and it will be difficult to solve. In fact, every owner of an apartment or a private home can understand the nuances of choosing a color palette. If your bedroom has a modest space, then prefer light, pastel shades, avoid dark and vivid tones. Leave the opportunity to use your favorite bright shade for the textile design of the bed or decor accents.

If the sleeping room is located on the south side, then the choice of the color palette is varied. Want to create a “cool” atmosphere – use shades of gray, blue, and green while decorating. The room on the north side will need warm colors – beige, sandy, ocher, milk-white scale will be a great base for creating a practical and externally attractive interior.

Examples of drawing the walls of a bedroom in a cool color palette:

Examples of the warm color palette for bedroom walls:
If to speak about a combination of the walls color with a palette of the main furnish, then, in this case, the principle of operation is simple enough. To create some contrast and emphasize the key elements of the interior, use a combination of dark and light tones. If you just need to refresh the bedroom’s furnish without changing the furniture in it, which is made of dark wood or painted in colorful colors, then the bright walls will become a beautiful background for creating an emphasis on the furniture ensemble. If you plan the purchase of furniture in light and even white tones, it makes sense for walls to use more saturated colors.

Some designers suggest using an exceptionally white color to decorate the surfaces of the room and furnishings. Of course, for very modest sized premises, this approach will become a way of visual expansion of space and create a fresh, light image of the interior. But will there be a comfortable space in this room? Specialists recommend diluting the snow-white design of the bedroom with surfaces and elements of warm wood colors – floor coverings, main or auxiliary furnishings, window and door design, even light fixtures.
So popular in our day, the gray color gamma as a finishing of the room is for many owners of apartments and houses a great way out of choosing the right color. Neutral, light shades of gray in the decoration of the walls perfectly fit with any ceiling and flooring and make a great background for wall decor and any textile decoration. But the resulting color scheme of the room can be called cool. To bring so much needed warmth to the image of the bedroom will help the furniture made of natural wood. In such an environment, furniture with a beautiful natural wood pattern becomes not only the main element of the interior but also its accent.

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