Tips for changes in the kitchen: more convenience and communication

The kitchen has always been and remains the heart of the home, with lots of human warmth and enjoyment with the finest things – communication and food. In such way, a kitchen is perceived by Italians who worship both communication and food. This trend does not alien to us either. The kitchen is increasingly losing its place of food production; more and more it is a place for conversations, meetings, communication, rest.

People and families are different, so standard kitchens are almost unavailable, they are not similar to each other. Now, people create their kitchen as more comfortable, more individual and original room. Kitchen furniture and equipment are also changing accordingly.

In a big cities apartments, it’s already customary that the kitchen and the living room are composed in one room, both of which are gradually matched to each other – not only space, combined are also the materials and stylistics.

The kitchen from the closed is becoming more open, I would say, a meeting place. So the kitchen can be stylistically close to this dwelling interior. Or contrast with it, depending on the principle it is being developed. It often happens that the kitchen style dictates the appearance of the living room since from the kitchen begins to create the interior of the entire home because the people understand how important it is, how much time they spend in the kitchen.

To make the kitchen space organically fit into the overall style, to make it ergonomic, comfortable, beautiful, acceptable to all family members, people should choose only individual solutions – both for design and furniture production.

There are distinguished two main trends in kitchen furniture styles: modern and classic. As usual, the classics have changed the least, where solid materials, large cornices, and calm colors have always been used. The modern style is changing more often. In recent years, often, people do not avoid to blend these two styles.
  • If we compare the development of kitchen furniture, for example, 10 years ago, it can be seen that:
  • Kitchens have become more practical, more capacious.
  • Increasingly people are opting for good quality opening mechanisms that are durable and comfortable.
  • Much attention is paid to ergonomics – furniture height, layout, access, opening, etc. similar things.
  • Are used calmer colors, avoiding bright ones.
  • Are using the entire kitchen area up to the ceiling.
  • Since the kitchen is a part of the living room, cabinets are more closed, there are less open shelves.
  • It is avoided different heights, all cabinets are aligned, on one line.
  • It is avoided straightforward bars, more often are used multifunctional islands or semi-bars.

The moderation, function, and aesthetics are increasingly valued. Modern kitchen – as if ever-improving smartphones: modern, functional, black and white… It’s already unclear whether a dining room or a kitchen table, a kitchen or a dining room? All in one – the preference is given for communication. Maximum ergonomics, functionality and sterile clean white…

Have you already created your unique kitchen? 


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Written by Fortune

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