Tips for country interior design style – create coziness and romance

Country style was born in England at the beginning of the last century. The cozy and picturesque England province’s homes with hedges, flowers, and grounded roads were designed in a country design spirit. In terms of country style, the generalized view of the province’s interior is usually mentioned without any specific nationality.

Main Features

Exceptional features in the country style are rustic furniture, mats and covers made from fabric shreds, chests and wicker chairs, a large number of ceramics and flower arrangements, animal paintings framed in simple wooden frames, rural life scenes and  of course, a variety of different types of fabrics.

The interior of this style is characterized by a variety of colors, but the colors are not vivid, but rather intense. The colors of the colorful solutions of the country interior are characterized by natural, more often light and pastel colors. There are dominating the colors palette of surrounding landscapes – a lot of green, brown, gray, blue, red clay shades. There are also a lot of white.

For the interior of the country style often is used decorative plaster which sometimes is combined with elements of stone or brick walls. The wood is used mostly of a light, warm shade. For the walls decor are used walls coverings with a mild flower pattern.

The country style interior is complemented by small sofas, a variety of armchairs. People are choosing this interior style primarily because of coziness and romance. It has plenty of hand-made items: furniture, carpets, crocheted curtains. Most often, everything is made and sewn out of natural materials such as linen, floral cotton. There are popular blacksmith’s items and wood.

There are popular aged, eliminating the formalities of the space and providing additional heat. The most important thing is comfort!

It’s a cozy and comfortable style that is easy to implement and which is practically timeless. Non-standard sofas and large chairs covered with soft fabrics are one of the distinguishing elements of this style. Other features include mats, wicker chairs, flower arrangements, animal paintings and various color solutions in whole home.

When you decide to create a country style interior at home, first choose the color palette you will combine. For a lighter interior, choose light blue or creamy yellow combinations. If you want a brighter rustic style, then choose dark red or green-brown shades, and add a cream color to the contrast. Also delicate are small ornament blurry wallpapers.

This style is characterized by natural wood or stone floors. If you want to hide the floor under the carpet, it is best to choose not a fluffy, but rough with geometric ornaments or just a single-colored carpet of heavy material.

Do not combine the furniture. This style is perfect for furniture, which in principle are different. Simply select materials with a range of colors to create coziness and harmonious design in the room. Choose furniture – great chairs with soft armrests or rocking-chairs.

Creating an interior in this style, you can safely cover furniture with different materials because it does not require texture uniformity. Furniture covered with flowered fabric, large rugs reflect the uniqueness of this style, and thus the coherence of materials. By the way, tartan, floral and monochrome fabrics combine this style well. There may be a lot of colors in this style, but they are usually slightly pale, natural or pastel.

The furniture of the country style is massive. Tables have large counter tops and wide legs. An indispensable accent in the interior design of the country style is the massive dining table with a wide tabletop and involute thick legs. The most popular wood is oak. This style is suitable for all the furniture you received as a heritage buffets, heavy oak tables and chairs, chests.

The room accessories are of great significance for this style. Tablecloths, embroidered napkins, cushions on chairs, knitted curtains, candlesticks – everything is like from the ancient chest, but presented in modern fashion. There are also wooden antique bowls for flowers or fresh fruit. An attribute is also an ancient bookcase in the corner of the room and a cabinet for storing various items.

Much attention is paid to the paintings – there are landscapes and countryside landscapes. Typical large paintings with wide wooden frames. If you create such a style, avoid abstract or graphic artworks. At first glance, such a style may seem old-fashioned and poignant, but in fact it is very interesting and gives the home an exceptional comfort.

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