Tips and Tricks: Coastal Home Interior

If you’re a coastal style lover, or sea lover (aren’t we all??) this is a post for you! Even if you aren’t owner of a dreamy, coastal house, you can bring the sea coast in your home interior. Think of the colors of the sky, sand, sea and nature, implement them and you will instantly get that coastal vibe. Make your home a holiday home, even though it’s not by the sea!

Here are some selection of interior ideas in a coastal style that you can try at home. There are a lot of typical coastal interiors that you can browse on internet, but I’ve chosen the ones that will be just fine even if you design them in your home in a crowded city.

For a quick coastal touch,  do not bother a lot with the pastels colors, if you don’t like them. Hold on to the clean, white color and spread it all over your home (the walls, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles). Then, add some pop of color (preferably blue, green and sand shades) as decor and you will not feel overwhelmed by the coastal scheme. If you are more into this style and braver, then you can try even that rope- mirrored bathroom (picture below) and typically coastal details all around the house.


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Written by Ana

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