Tips and ideas for the olive green kitchen

The olive color, as you have already guessed, got its name from oily fruits of olive oil. The range of shades of olive extends from saturated green-yellow to blurred, almost grayish. Olive may well blossom any kitchen; the main thing is to know how to use this color properly.


Are you firmly convinced that in the four walls that will become your kitchen in the future, it is necessary to establish the dominance of the olive color? Then I can please you: because of the neutrality of the color, the style of the interior can be chosen any.
 Most people prefer classics, empire, baroque, country and furniture styles with many accessories, carvings, and decorative elements. Also, often is chosen a practical kitchen style: modern and high-tech. Everything is clean, appetizing, but without fantasy. Sometimes a colorful accent on the olive kitchen suddenly becomes colorful kitchen utensils.


If you make a kitchen monochrome, in an olive color: paint the floor, walls in a warm color, choose furniture in the tone – it may seem that you have fallen into a sleepy swamp. In such a kitchen it is useless to drink tonic drinks, you will always want to hug a pillow. Therefore, I suggest combining olive with other colors:
  • Olive and chocolate color – classics

What might be tastier than chocolate? This shade looks great with olive, especially when the facades of the kitchen cabinets are the colors of the olive, and the walls are chocolate. Chocolates can be both countertops, and working surfaces of tables, as well as chairs. With chocolate walls, it is worth choosing an olive apron and olive seats.

  • Olive and white – warm but strong combination

The second color that is appropriate to use with an olive in any volume is white. White walls with olive furniture – a combination practically traditional. The same applies to olive kitchen walls with white headsets. One of the most popular color duets is just olive and white. If both colors look too dull, it’s worth thinking of prints on the facades of kitchen furniture and bright paintings, utensils, flower vases, and others.

  • Olive and grey – equivalent minimalization  

The gray-olive color pair is often found in kitchens around the world. It is usually chosen by people who are balanced, family, aspiring to rest without unforeseen nervous upheavals. The floor is decorated with a gray color, facades of a sink, put gray household appliances (or metallic). Furniture chooses in the olive color. Add bright accents in the gray-olive interior. For example, blue curtains, or cowberry (orange, mustard) set of utensils in a glass cabinet.

  • Olive and light wood – natural balance

A charming natural harmony is felt at the entrance to an olive kitchen where the walls are painted in olive and furniture is light wood. Also, a cabinet with a combination of two materials – a plastic in a wood color and a glossy olive plastic – looks good. The duo of oil and light wood looks natural, it is relaxing, allows you to plunge into a world in which there is no fuss. It brings ideas about aromatic green tea and so on.
  • Olive and other colors

You can use an olive combination with pink in the kitchen: choose a pink apron or pink walls with olive furniture and curtains. The combination of olive and neon, bright colors of yellow, orange, pink and even blue looks magnificently. In the olive kitchen, it is quite possible to place a turquoise lamp. Plates and kitchen utensils in an olive cuisine greet the colors of plum, eggplant, saffron, and mustard.

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