The New Table

Most of you are aware that I am short and I have step stools all over my house. My nephews surprised me with a table that looks almost exactly like this one. They  were hoping that I would be able to reach the table better and we could simply spin it around. It works lovely for all of them. I have short arms, that match my short legs.

I am not complaining the family loves the table and it is helpful for them. I still have to ask “Will you please pass the “whatever?” They are annoyed by it at every meal. So then I decided that I would simply get my food and put it on the plate before I did the family style thing. So I have become accustomed to eating cold food.  (It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.) 

They tried to say, well go put it in the microwave. I am not interested in missing the meal because I have to go and microwave food and carry more items to the table. I have never indicated there is a problem. I have never said my food is cold. When they start to bring it up I simply say “I’m fine.”

I am to the point where I about to say the next one that brings this up is going to get my plateful of food in their lap! I have adapted, leave it be. 

I love the way the table looks and I love the way it works for them. That should be good enough.


What do you think?


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  1. It looks very cool but yes, it can be a struggle. I don’t get why your family would be annoyed at you asking them to pass stuff. I don’t even ask, I often just stare at the food until they realize it’s what I want, and that’s worse. ? I’m not too proud of doing so. ?

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