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The latest trends in the interior of the modern living room

The years changed and with it, the previous tendencies in different spheres of our life go away. Certainly, designers do not encourage us to radically change the appearance of our home, but for those who plan to repair or even to do a small reconstruction of an apartment or home, it is better to be aware of the latest trends. After all, each host wishes to see his dwelling not only comfortable, cozy, beautiful but also fashionable, stylish, modern, decorated with the help of innovative materials and ways of creating various interior items.

At all the last exhibitions devoted to the interior design, one could see the apparent domination of the well-being motive. Not surprisingly, in the era of total internet, innovation, the incredible influence of various media resources, virtual communication, we increasingly need to create the most comfortable, cozy and warm interior of our home.

The living room is called to become just such a quiet refuge for people overcrowded by information conditions and tired of the constant flashing advertising. But in pursuit of the latest innovations in the area of the design of living spaces, it is important not to lose your own flair, to keep individuality and to emphasize personal preferences, rather than blindly follow the algorithm of creating an interior of a modern living room.
The concept of comfort for everyone is individual. For someone to relax, it enough just to plunge into a quiet atmosphere with a neutral design of the environment; others need accents – both in the interior and in the atmosphere of the surrounding space.—trendy-2017-goda/

But designers have tried to create a trend of “well-being”,  in their understanding it relates to a return to the roots, origins. That is why in the latest projects of the living room so much attention is devoted to the creation of a truly warm atmosphere, through the use of simple and concise solutions, in some cases with country-style details.

Natural materials, family hearth, the warmth of home comfort and coziness, soft and furry fabrics, pleasant and natural color solutions – all these motifs of modern style are literally created for the design of the living room.

If to create a warm atmosphere in a modern room you need to install an old chest of drawers or put on couches with lace handmade covers, then in the new season, you can do it without thinking. Recent trends in the design of living spaces allow for active decoration, which was long denied by the minimalist sentiments of modern stylistics.

If we talk about the most popular color scheme of the walls in the living room of the coming season, then there will be no surprises – all the shades of white are still the perfect backdrop for any furnishings and decor. The light walls help not only visually increase the size of the room, but also create a light, relaxed image of space. In addition, in a room with snow-white walls, it’s easiest to use a designer accentuation tool – the painting of one of the surfaces in a bright color.—trendy-2017-goda/

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