See How They Managed To Decorate A Whole Apartment With Recycling Old Items

Recycling old items into new and fresh decor for your home sounds like a fun thing to do. This idea supports sustainability and efficiency. It is also economical, as using old items instead of buying new is pocket-friendly. You may love to make a special decoration for your home. But, can you imagine a whole apartment decorated with old turned into new? This sounds like a crazy idea, but some have done it . The owner of this place had so many antique items to display. And this was done in a very fun and interesting way. That way, they have created a unique and artistic place that will inspire the DIY maniacs. Check out this apartment and see how they managed to decorate it  using old items!

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The first thing you would notice are the amazing lights made out of cooking pots. It features urban and colorful style. You can notice the individual style  of this eclectic apartment. Different textures, such as wood and exposed bricks are present.

The old gramophone and rainbow umbrella decor confirms that the designers are thinking out-of-the-box. The mix of industrial and vintage elements is telling a complete story.

The amazing entryway has one interesting thing. The wall is covered with pages from vintage magazines, that the owner has collected for years. And surprisingly, some even date back to World War II. This unique wall is a true masterpiece!

This amazing apartment may not be everyone’s taste, but it certainly is eye-catching in a very fun way. Seems liek that wall is the centerpiece in the home. The yellow striped wall with antique radios not only shows the owner’s collection. It gives a personal stamp to the whole space.




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