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Scandinavian interior design style – cozy and warm home

Scandinavian modern style is one of the most popular in the world. It is especially popular in the northern countries, where the climate is harsh and the endless sun shortage is felt. It is not surprising, then, that Scandinavian modernism was loved by all northeast countries. The style itself was formed around 1930 only. It comes from modernism. The main features of the style – coziness, comfort and lots of light.

Key features

  • White color with a few brighter accents;
  • Practical furniture;
  • Natural materials;
  • Purified, simple shapes;
  • Widely used hanging luminaires;
  • Textile diversity;
  • Adaptation of traditional applied art and new functional solutions;
  • Simplicity, naturalness, minimalism, functionality.

According to designers, the key features of Scandinavian interior design should be light, natural and enough simple. Natural wood floors are tinted with gray oil to hide the natural wood yellowing or painted in white. Branched boards are an advantage, aspiration because it is natural.

All rooms are made of wood, only tiled in bathrooms. Skirting boards – white, often found and cornices along with the ceiling. The rooms of this style are spacious and bright. They have high ceilings, large windows. The space impression can be magnified by mirrors. All elements: from the walls to the cushions are of soft pastel shades, clear lines. That is what makes coziness.

Things are laid out symmetrically about the selected one element, as in the classical interior. The centerpiece of a Scandinavian-style interior can perfectly play the fireplace.

Scandinavians do not need the walls of a Euro-fitting standard, a gypsum ceiling decoration or different colored rooms. The smooth walls, exquisite boards without branches or expensive decor materials are not an advantage to them.


The walls are white. Period. This is somehow the perfect color for Scandinavian style homes. White can be not only walls and ceilings but also floors, furniture, curtains, other elements of the decor. White optically provides the ultimate in space and cleanliness. In addition, on the white background, the interior decoration is highlighted: paintings, plants.

In addition to white, other pastel shades may be used: from yellow to pastel gray. However, in creating Scandinavian style housing, it is necessary to choose one shade, which will be a common background of the premises. The floors, doors, and windows are adjusted to this dominant color.

Sometimes one or several walls are animated mostly with a modern pattern’s (not classic) paper wallpaper. The main color of the furniture is gray and all the warm gray shades and other neutral colors. The details may have bright colors, but they do not dominate.


Particular attention is paid to the convenient arrangement of spaces and furniture, and the ergonomics of the furniture itself. Furniture is functional, minimalist, of high-quality design, natural materials: shelves, spacious and comfortable sofas, elaborate desks, armchairs. All the furniture in the northern home is small, only as it is necessary to have in a home. The most common form is laconic and simple. Small furniture provides space, lightness.

Scandinavians like to combine completely different style furniture – modern with antique, massive products with designer authors, with grandmothers inherited, etc. Everything seems to be done easily, like inadvertently.


The big attention is paid for the lighting in the Scandinavian home – the dark winter takes a larger part of the year. There are plenty of logically located light sources, wherever you need: above the dining tables, on the spot of reading, illuminated cabinets, workplaces, etc. On the dark evenings, the more light – the more cozy houses are. When there is no need – you can sit quietly with the book to the charming torch. In addition, the lighting can be fitted to paintings or other decor elements to highlight them.

Perhaps, due to the lack of light, windows in the Scandinavian interior are almost uncovered or minimally covered with curtains. The most commonly are used natural fabrics: linen, cotton. We will hardly find daily curtains. Night curtains can create an impression of heaviness, so they can only be decorative, not stretched.


There are a lot of interior textiles – coverlets of natural fibers, fur coats, wool, cotton, decorative knit, even national patterns. It fills the interiors of different textures, makes them cozy and warm. On the walls, Scandinavians love to hang various photographs.

Their home is abundant in plants, which are usually said at the frontier.

The Scandinavian interior you will not find any large carpets from the wall to the wall, dominate the small mats in certain areas.

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