Rope Techniques To Keep Up With

You must have heard about the rope access and its consideration of the industrial rope access techniques which have proven to be a safe, efficient, cost-effective conventional alternative for the convenient work of access methods. While most rope access window cleaning company will provide you services like inspections, surveys, maintenance, electrical, and metalwork on wind turbines, towers, industrial plants, and many more with the right type of equipment and training.

However, you might not know but rope access technicians need to work at height which is a risky business because according to reports 50 people die a year due to falling. These incidents happen by falling from the roof, scaffolding or access equipment.

On the other hand, a fully trained rope access technicians have exceptional safety records. However, rope access has some limitations but for inspections and other such job, operators are discovering cost savings of over fifty percent compared to scaffolding or using mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

Safety and the Law

Safety should always be of paramount concern for those using these techniques, with the awareness of the following legislation necessary for site managers and contractors:

Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR)

The Health and Safety etc. Act 1974 (the HSW Act)

Along with with with the relevant guidelines within PUWER, RIDDOR, and PPE legislation.

Despite all the rules, nothing exists on a national level and due to the lack of these rules outside the pre-existing regulations, rope access professionals have organizations that manage safety, training, and accreditation.

There is Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) that have created safe practices for Rope Access Work and Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work in the US. While in Australia, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) has designed similar training courses and accreditation schemes. 

Rope Access Techniques

Based on IRATA and SPRAT guidelines, a safe rope access program should be designed around these components:

  • Management systems
  • Training systems
  • Equipment management systems
  • Qualified supervisors

Management Systems

IRATA and SPRAT have guidelines that serve as a useful starting point. However, it is the organization’s responsibility that works with or employs rope technicians to write access procedures.

While companies that regularly use specialist technicians would benefit from appointing a Rope Access Program Manager, to implement and update procedures as needed.

Training System

The continuous process for rope access technicians in the training system. That is the reason behind their exceptional safety records. Although, IRATA and SPRAT have a list of training providers which includes 32-40 hours of training along with written and practical experiences on the field.

IRATA rope access technicians can achieve these following qualifications:

Level 1 (authorize)

Level 1 technicians work under supervision and should be competent enough to inspect safety systems and equipment.

Level 2 (Lead Technicians)

Level 2 technicians have extensive and documented work experience that can rig more complex systems and perform numerous rescue techniques.

Level 3 (Safety Supervisors)

Level 3 technicians can confidently manage a job safely and have the experience to train, rescue, and can perform rope access management roles.

Equipment Management Systems

As you might know that the lives of rope technicians are in the hands of the equipment they use. While the equipment managers are responsible for the maintenance and testing of all the equipment.

Although compatibility is also essential as every piece of kit does not work with every other and some, when used outside a manufacturer’s purpose, can put a technician at risk. So, the only solution is constant testing.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the things that most buildings go for abseiling painting for commercial use. While if you need rope access experts for your building then book an appointment from Next Level Painting today.


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