Reorganizing One Section at a Time…

Tuesday, 2.19.19

Today, I started my spring cleaning. I did bits and parts of some areas. I reorganized the sweaters, leggings, and tank tops inside my bedroom closet because this area looked chaotic. Then, I went downstairs to reorganize my computer desk. I mostly just went through paperwork to throw away old stuff I don’t need. What I kept, I organized inside baskets, which are mostly office items and tips for doing things. I still have stacks of C Magazines and Westways, which I use for research purposes.

Tomorrow, I want to work on reorganizing my bathroom sink as well as doing laundry.

Then, I want to reorganize my whole bedroom, before I work on my studio room and my library room.

Gumby was upstairs, in my bedroom, the whole time, probably sleeping on my bed.

I need to figure out when I am ready to self-publish my graphic novel.


What do you think?


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