Rampant Electric Fires could be easily prevented, opinion of Expert Electricians! Hear them out!

A common concern in most household is a fire that originates from faulty wiring or a simple wildfire! Now, with the winters approaching, you will have to worry less about wildfire and more about the origin of a fire being present in your house. Sounds frightening? Well, it should! Even if, you manage to get out of the home in one piece, the same might not happen for the house. Expenditure on fixing a burnt house runs high, leading to your finances running dry!

After your harrowing experience, you will have to deal with fixing the property. Why go into so much hassle? Just eliminate the chances of an electrical fire starting in your home! A high grade electrician in Sydney and Northern Beaches can help you avert an electrical disaster.

Advice from Expert Electricians that Aid in Reducing the Risks of an Electrical Fire

In the home, you are surrounded by flammable material, like curtains and toilet paper, neither of which can be eliminated from the house! So, it is your duty to stay sharp and look for faulty areas that could be potentially dangerous. Are you an expert in wiring and electrical system? Most probably not

An expert electrician is willing to help you with information on ways and areas that need your attention. Do not ignore their advice, because they can help you avert a potentially dangerous or even fatal situation.

1. Home Heating:

It is quite cold outside and you need to heat up the house to stay comfortable. This is a necessity, but it is most probably the reason for numerous electrical fires in many households. You need to keep an eye on the HVAC and heat sources in your home.

Prevent HVAC Equipment Risks: Regular servicing of the furnace, boiler or whatever heating system you have installed, is imperative to save your home from electrical fires. Most fires break out from the HVAC system, because of ill maintenance. You need to check the system components, to eliminate the risks of a fire. Shelling out money for a servicing might be of inconvenience, but it is better than repairing a burnt house

Prevent Space Heater Risks: Make sure that the space heater is placed away from flammable materials. Why? Well, these can heat up to become hotter than an oven, making it easy for flammable materials and surfaces to catch fire! Always put it on a dedicated power source and most important, never leave a space heater unattended, when turned on.

2. Generators:

During the winters, a power outage can be chilly! After some time, the room temperatures start to fall, making the space uncomfortably cold. Thus, a generator could be a good way to keep the heating system running, creating a comfortably warm environment in the rooms.

If, the generators are not maintained properly, or old fuel is left behind in the generator, an electrical fire is imminent. So, always keep an eye on the maintenance of the generators. Suppose the generator has not run for a year, then, have it inspected before the winter sets in and you need to run the generator!

3. Kitchen Equipment:

A kitchen is stocked with heavy equipment like ovens, microwaves and refrigerators. You need to run all of these at designated power sources, or risk causing an overload! This is one of the main reasons for kitchen fires. If, you do not have those, then call in an Sydney electrician to install separate power circuits for each and every heavy appliance.

These are just some of the areas that have the potential to cause an electrical fire. Call in an expert electrician and have them check out your home for other weak spots. They will offer simple and effective solutions to eliminate the risks. Now, you can enjoy the chilly winter weather, without the tension of electrical fires.


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Written by CaitlynBell