Pro Tips For Designing The Perfect Dining Room

The purpose of a dining room is far beyond a place just for eating. You can refer to it as a favorite spot for family gathering and enjoying the precious moments with them. The proper dining room design should allow everyone to feel comfortable. And for beginners, there are lots of mistakes that should be avoided. The results of these mistakes can be: back pain after sitting, arm pain if chairs are too low, or even interrupted communication between the people. Read more about the pro tips for designing the perfect dining room!

The Essentials

These days dining tables are the focal feature to style your dining room and match everyday’s lifestyle.  The must-follow rule when deciding on the shape of your dining table is to choose the shape that suits the room shape. When you are making the decision, consider the following:

  • If one of your main requirements is seating a large number of people, it is best to choose a rectangular table. This would make a smart choice if you plan to host family gatherings and entertain them in your home. Insert a bench for some more seating space, or increase the surface of the table by adding an extra piece. The possibilities are endless!
  • A round dining table can work for any room shape and has lots of advantages. The circular shape bring the people closer and creates a sense of intimacy. As it offers close interaction, this type of table is considered to be an excellent conversation starter. If informal dining is something that you would prefer, then the casual feeling of the round table will surprise you. When there is no head, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.
  • Square table is the most popular choice for small families. The compact shape can easily be fitted into a corner whenever you need some extra space in the home.
  • Oval tables combine together the advantages of both round and rectangular tables. The result is achieving intimacy and keeping the linear layout, while making a statement with the fine design.


When choosing the perfect dining chairs, you should have a few things in mind. The chair together with the arms should be able to easily slip under the table. Also, the guests should have enough space so they feel comfortable. The adequate height is 16”-18” from floor to top. As the style matters too, the high quality designer range dining chairs from Interior Secrets would make a perfect choice.

Style It Up With A Chandelier

There is one special element that can do so much for the overall design of the room. An elegant and eye-catchy chandelier will give your dining room a finishing touch. There is something special about a long pendant light or a chandelier that finds it’s place over the dining table. Professionals would recommend a chandelier that ends 30”-36” above the table top. Anything below that will omit the interaction between people, as they will not be able to see each other.


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