Personalise Your Wall Décor — Let Your Photos Speak a Story!

Walls don’t deserve to look monotonous! Not any more! When creativity in the arena of wall décors have reached the pinnacle of awesomeness, do you think it’s ok to have a wall that’s just painted plain? We don’t think so! When you plan to deck up your walls, you would be spoilt with choices — designer wallpapers, artistic paintings, lovely 3D prints or even photos!

Oh yes! A wall decorated with different types of photo creatively arranged cannot only be appealing, but also surround you with happy memories and warm nostalgia! Gone are the days when you used to think of photos as something to be preserved in albums or frames to be kept at the bedside or coffee table! Today, pictures can enhance the look of your rooms ably competing with any other form of home décor you can conjure in your mind!

Awe-inspiring photo décor ideas for all types of walls!

If you are gazing through those jumbled pictures and thinking the ways to beautify your drab wall, we have got some excellent ideas for you! Read those enticing ways to glam your home’s walls in the most astonishing yet alluring ways!

Blacks and whites —We associate black and white with nostalgia. And memories are to be treasured in their original forms! Some captivating pictures dating back to the greyscale era can be hung on your walls that may carry the same theme in other décor items and surrounding this focal wall! How about grouping your antique collection in various display areas in this room?

Coloured margins — We love playing with colours, don’t we? And when these are emphasised in the margins, then the pictures they border should be worth the highlight! Coloured photos nestled in a colourful border may be too much. Considered sepia? The different colours of those margins on the wall would create a charming backdrop to bring out the softness of the sepia – it would be the sepia party where your eyes would rest and find serenity.

Collage on the staircase — The area under the staircase (or the wall alongside it) is the most décor deprived area of your entire home! Why not give it some love? Create a beautiful collage of lovely canvases! Not sure if you can get creative on your own? Worry not! You can get exclusive and creative photo collage by Picture Fixer – they turn your beautiful memories to décor jewels. You may choose various styles and designs – and they shall create the magic for you to display on your wall.

Family tree — You would love it when your walls would say a story, isn’t it? Then why not let it talk about your wonderful family and introduce your forefathers to the young ones? Have a beautiful tree painted on your wall, arranging the pictures of grannies and grandpas and other family members around the branches and leaves of that tree. Add more drama with graffiti and motivational sayings on family bonding spaced around the set-up – and voila! You have a wall that can be a conversation starter!

Photos are emotional moments captured with love! These memories are always so close to your heart! So why not keep them up, close and personal displayed in your home? Wouldn’t it exude a positive vibe every day when you open your eyes? What a happy feeling that would be!


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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