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Newest terrace decorating ideas.

There is actuality for summer season, important for anyone wishing to create an elegant open air dining in a formed modern terrace of the city home or a cozy, comfortable corner for the rest in the country cottage. So, what is the latest functional and stylistic trends, offers of manufacturers of furniture, the innovations of outdoor lighting and decor accessories?

Terrace inevitably becomes another room in the house in the open air or with a little roof, equipped as a residential area and actively used during the warm season, that’s why its style, design, functional features are no less important than the interior of the home. When choosing a summer terrace location and size, it is important to keep in mind a few things: first of all has to be maintained properly sized proportions, and it is dictated by the living house and the plot size, as well as harmonious stylistic integrity of terrace, the house’s exterior and garden’s design, linking individual landscape elements to the overall composition.

For the outdoor furniture production is still used conventional materials – specially treated wood, plastic, metal, however, due to modern technology the quality is definitely higher, the lifetime is longer, and the interior design is equivalent to used furniture. Terrace furniture choice is essentially determined by the function assigned to this zone: for some people is important to create cozy area with comfortable loungers, others prefer a fun evening with family or friends to a common dinner table.

However, in both cases, attention should be drawn to the structure of the terrace. In order to create a cozy and comfortable corner, it is important to keep in mind the walls, providing privacy and protect against stronger winds. This function well performs house wall along which is designed recreation area for outdoor rest.

Also, manufacturers offer special and mobile walls that can compose the desired location. However, one of the most popular solutions is to create a zone from the plants, surrounding the recreation area and imperceptibly separating it from the rest of the plot.

It would be difficult to deny the important role of plants on the terrace: it helps to link the environment and the house into one whole, so in order to create a cozy outdoor recreation area, be sure to find a place for the elements of the global vegetation. Be careful when choosing plants and see what you like best, or have time to take care of, especially those that require daily watering.

Outdoor terrace area really can not do without decorative details and practical accessories that should always be at hand. There should be respected the sense of moderation and terraces not burden with unnecessary details. For the terraces decor choose moisture resistant, suitable for outdoor use accessories. Various dwarfs, candlesticks of different sizes, designs and colors, unmatched colors creates the impression of chaos, especially if space is limited.


Terrace commonly used for the friends and family gatherings and this place is an integral part of good food. Interior designers are pleased that the grill manufacturers also attaches great importance to their appearance and they can complement the overall style terraces. With modern barbecues can be made not only a barbecue, but just to bake, roast, braise, slow cook or used as an oven.


Especially suit various candlesticks – in the evening the emitted light will help to create a romantic atmosphere. Many cannot imagine without the comfort cushions – they will fit in here as well. It is more practical choicse a cushions made of waterproof, sunlight-resistant fabric

For the outdoor lighting manufacturers offer not only the usual wall or the floor-mounted outdoor lighting fixtures that help illuminate the area of the rest, but also lamps typical for the internal spaces, light sources down from the ceiling over the dining table showing up quality, modern design. Increasingly, patio lighting not only fulfills its direct function, but also becomes a decor element. Although outwardly outdoor lighting is increasingly reminiscent of the internal spaces, they should not be mixed: for outdoor are used specially insulated and moisture resistant lighting, making them safe to use even in the rain.

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  1. What is wonderful regarding these ‘outdoor’ areas is the fact, that no matter how large or small the space available to you may be, you can make a cozy, even an exotic space, to relax and shut out the rest of the world and all its worries. Great post.

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