New ideas for New Year Signs

The New Year’s countdown has begun – it’s nine more days to decorate the snack. If you’re just breaking up buying a tree or a wood, vote for the benefit of nature, but if you decide to put the right thing in your home, then make sure it’s a bus. When you do the most important thing, you just need to get it. We suggest you several interesting ideas and decorative tips.

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Ordering decorations in order for your jewel to look perfect, it is important to pay attention to the sequence of shades. It is best to first place light bulbs, then beads, scallops and ribbons, and only at the end of each decor. We suggest that decoration begin from the inside of the outside to the outside. Although it may seem like an unbelievable advice to you, believe that it will also affect the fact that the delicacy of the jelly is richer and more balanced.

Trees can now be found in different colors. Traditionally, you will choose green, but we suggest you to experiment with colors and your new year’s tree this winter is white, black or purple.

Tailor’s Ornaments – In the spirit of the holiday atmosphere, let each of the householders put some ornament on the tin. You do not have to buy them. Our advice is to decorate the make of the test, which will shape the shapes in the shapes you like, then bake them and slices them with a white or colored fondant mass. Cut them off using decorative gems. Mushrooms – Instead of large balls, we suggest that you get a wide decorative ribbon in your favorite color and make large skirts that you can set up in several places. Just be careful not to overwhelm because too large details can “suffocate” the signal. Winter, winter, so what is … – New Year’s tree can be worn in the winter wardrobe. Decorate it with scarves, caps, gloves … and, of course, the juniper. The boy’s jewel – Your little ones will be delighted if the decoration of the beads are animal figurines, bites, bear bears, toys … There is a better new-year society than their favorite heroes. Do not forget Santa Claus …¬†Symbolic color

Here are some color stories that can help you decide when choosing a jewel and decorating.

Green – it will be good to alleviate the stress of a New Year’s fever because it is a color that is soothing. It fits perfectly with red, which is dominant New Year’s color, but also with gold.

White – not a color, nor does feng shui recommend it. However, the white jar looks great if you do not use more than two colors for decoration. One would be ideal.

Red – symbolizes joy, happiness, enjoyment, and passion. It is believed to protect against negative energy and no doubt it can be said that it is the color of Santa Claus. So, just go ahead, combine it with green and gold!

Blue – the color of spirituality and harmlessness. Like green, it is soothing. The loop agrees with silver.

Purple – symbolizes vernacular, love and suffering. It is, at the same time, the color of high nobility, and the jewel can really look glamorous if it is dominated by purple color.


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