Magical Office Space

Thursday, 8.8.19

I decided to watch some small office space makeover because I want to reorganize my office space. I don’t need to buy anything new. I just need to reorganize, and maybe give my space a facelift makeover. I liked the first video because I liked the pastel and neutral colors. My office space is in the dining room area, which doesn’t really have a specific color. It is mostly white walls, which framed pictures on the wall, as well as a posting board. The furniture is mostly light-colored wood, and two ikea desk chairs and a wicker stool. I have lots of baskets for organizational purposes, as well as some cute-shaped boxes, similar to what the girl in the first video has. But my colors aren’t monochromatic. My mouse pads are the style of mini-rugs, which are like the flying magical carpets. One was actually a gift, and the other belonged to my late mother. I also have the pink-haired troll as well as the Magic Eightball toy from the 80s. So, I guess my theme will be Magical Space for continuous wonder and inspiration. this 2nd video, the girl lists 5 steps. I also notice that both girls used a lot of gold in their office space. My living room has some gold accent, but they are mostly from my late parents’ house. (I just kept it as a family thing, and my brothers don’t like gold stuff. I seem to like different metals anyway, in which I think my style might have a hint of industrial and urban inspiration).

I do want to try the table cover thing she did because the IKEA table under my long IKEA computer table is getting old. I use that table for office supplies that I need, such as tape, stapler, batteries, etc. I will probably go to Albertsons to see if they have anything interesting. I could probably use those shelf sheets that I buy for my kitchen cupboard and bedroom closet shelves. I need to see if they have anything that fits my Magical theme. I might even check out Target. 

The wicker stool I use is mostly to prop my legs up on it, in which I also have three Mexican blankets and two old black and white pillows. They fit with the boho style in the living room, which is connected to my “Magical” office space area. I feel it looks consistent with the living room. I also notice that I have a interesting porcelain fine china cup with blue and white floral design that I got from my late mother’s house, which I use pencils and pens. There is also one pair of chopsticks sticking out in the bundle, and these chopsticks have a blue, green and white floral design.  It also has two small markers keychains with Webster University Gorloks mascot. I also have a couple of Geico Lizard dolls promoting UC Irvine. 

I just need to find a place for my magazines, in which I often use for research or brainstorming purposes. 

I might finish it this weekend.


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