Listening To Your Friend's Advice Can Really Save The Day

I never knew that water damage can be such a drastic and stressful issue until I had to face it myself. The incident is about last year when I bought a new house and shifted there.  I was very excited about my new home because it was the first ever property I owned. I was planning for it for a long time, and now finally my dreams were becoming a reality. The house I bought was not newly constructed but a renovated one. My friend who was there with me during all the house hunt and buying process asked me to think twice before paying for the house.

He rechecked the house and asked me to have a complete inspection of the house because he saw some signs of dampness in the walls. He gave me the number of different companies offering water damage inspection in Charlotte NC.

Unfortunately, I was blinded by the charm of getting my own house and didn’t pay any heed to what my friend warned me about. Only a few months after shifting in that house, the reality was going to befall upon me. I was enjoying my life in my new house as I settled in it with new furniture and decorations, but the house had other plans for me. One day, as I walked past my room to the lounge, I heard a squeaking sound from the floor. Thinking it to be normal, i ignored it and continued with my work. After some time I was able to hear the sound with every step I took.

It was at this moment that I took the situation into consideration. I removed the carpet and there was a dampness in both the carpet and the floor. I suddenly recalled the memory when my friend asked me to reconsider my decision. Now, I was really in stress because all my floors were getting damaged. Not knowing the reason for all this, I took out the numbers my friend gave me, and call the companies for a water damage inspection. They asked me whether I wanted a residential or commercial building inspection in Charlotte NC, and scheduled my appointment accordingly.

The very next day, their inspectors were at my place. They checked the floor after which they headed straight into my basement where I never set my foot before. The real reason for all the damage was clear. The main water pipe was leaking in the basement due to which all the hassle began. The inspectors asked me to get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further damage, so I acted quickly and got help from my friend in this matter. After all this, I realized that if I had listened to my friend before, I would never have to go through such a hassle.

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