Key pointers to choose the best bean bag for your home

In today’s day and age, one can hardly imagine a world without bean bags. Even the most esteemed multinational offices have realised the value of having this sort of furniture. And you know what they say – once you sit down on them, it’s almost impossible to get up. Even though that may be a subtle jibe at how lazy we’ve become, it is also a testament to how comfortable they have made all of our lives. Most of all, it is extremely easy to move around and you do not have to worry about a bean bag being confined to one corner of the house.

When it comes down to some of the most high-quality large bean bags, you can be sure that they will definitely end up lasting more than a year. However, there are a lot of people out there who make mistakes while choosing which bean bag to purchase year after year, leading to a lower aesthetic value as well as shorter use. So how does one go about the process of choosing the best bean bag out there? Here are five aspects that should make it easier for you:-

  • The aspect of inside and outside bags: For first-timers, this term can be a bit confusing initially. It basically denotes that if a bean bag has an inside and outside bag, then even if the outside bag is damaged, the inside bag saves the day. Otherwise, if your outside bag is damaged by accident, repairing it will take quite a while to complete.
  • The shape of the bean bag: Although a lot of people think that it is a difficult decision to make, this is not the case provided you are well aware of your needs and choose accordingly. It would be best for you to select the kids option if you are planning on moving the bean bag around. Many bean bags have a handle plus there are many armchair models as well.
  • Fabric: In their hurry to get the best  bean bag out there, a lot of people tend to forget the importance of finding out what the bean bag is made up of. Always remember – looks are not everything. Artificial leather is the best bet since it is easy to clean, suitable for both the indoor and outdoor climate, plus animal hair does not stick to it.
  • The importance of functionality: Basically this means that the bean bags need to be put in the right place to avoid having too much furniture in one place, especially indoors. The location of the bean bag is not as important as evaluating the overall size of the house so that you can find the best rotating spots to place them in. Further, you can add outdoor chair cushions to your bean bag for extra comfort.
  • Beads: Make no mistake- the filling of the bean bag is ultimately what matters the most. Some of the main options out there are ground polystyrene foam, expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads or buckwheat grains. For the most lasting results, EPS beads are highly recommended.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking that purchasing a bean bag is no big deal at all. After all, you most certainly don’t want to be in the position of ending up returning a bean bag after a span of time simply because you had made a hasty decision in the past. Apart from the size, there are quite a few more factors that one needs to consider as well.

Just remember that there is a lot more to a bean bag than it being merely a comfortable bean-filled bag for you to sit on. In order to make sure that the bean bag looks appealing in every sense of the word plus the comfort aspect is completely taken care of, one certainly needs to ensure that all the above points are kept in mind. Only then can you start thinking about transforming your interiors with a reasonable budget in mind.


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