Keep Your New Florida Home Safe And Secure: Here’s How

Many Americans dream of owning a vacation home in a tropical paradise like Florida. However, the rising property crime rates often discourage homeowners from building a second home on their empty Florida lot. Sure, the idea of year-round warm weather, seaside living, and an active lifestyle sounds pleasant on paper, but nobody is willing to jeopardize their valuables and belongings. But what if we told you that it is possible to keep your abode safe from thieves and burglars? Would you change your mind? The truth is plenty of security measures available nowadays prevent property crimes. Speak to your contractor to find out what works for your property. This will allow the home building process on your lot to continue without any mishaps. Check out some good options below:

Install Suitable Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Especially in houses with open floor plans, lighting is used for more than illuminating and decorative purposes; it adds an extra layer of protection to the premises.  Bad guys try to avoid detection at all costs. So, if the risks of breaking into your property are too high, they are likely to steer clear of your building. For the outdoor section, ask your builder to place lights strategically around the front and backyard. Even better, get the motion sensor-equipped variants.

Get Rid of Hidey-Holes

The rich, and fertile soil and sunny climate of Florida account for rich vegetation. So, don’t be surprised if you notice lots of shrubs, and trees growing in your lot inadvertently. While all this flora might be good for your home’s curb appeal, it also provides burglars with a convenient hiding spot. That’s why you should chop down the plants and trees near your home. Small flowering plants and trimmed hedges are suitable for your home.

Secure the Access Points

Keep the floor plan of your new building accessible, but not so accessible that a stranger can just waltz in unannounced. For example, if you must have large arches and doorways, ask the builder to fortify the interior doors with deadbolts and locks. Also, ensure that the windows in your home cannot be pried open easily from the outside.

Reinforce the Doors Around the Home

According to Home Security Store, the front door is the preferred access point for a break-in among 33 percent of burglars in the US. So, inspect not only the front door, but every door in your home to ensure the frames are strong, the wood is not hollow, and the hinges are covered. If your door has a mail slot, no one should be able to reach through and unlock it. A front door with a deadbolt or peephole ups the security quotient considerably.

Invest in a High-Quality Security System

Set up the right security system in your home to protect your investments. Go for a monitored system where someone is always looking out for your building. Some security systems now feature mobile applications so you can check your lot anytime, anywhere. These apps notify you as soon as the motion detectors in your property go off. There are lots of different security systems out there, so consult your builder to find the best one for your home.

Considering how well Florida’s housing market is doing, it’d be a shame if you missed out on the opportunity to develop your dream home. So, hire the right contractor to build on your lot in Florida, and ask them to install the latest and the best in home security tech. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing all your material possessions are safe and sound.


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Written by Della Moris