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Interesting Idea with painting

Hello Everyone I hope you all are doing great & your getting some decent weather finally.I would have been here sooner but I got caught up in something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn about &  do being I LOVE crafting, & Folks let me tell you what I have found O M G.

I found me something I just think is SO Awesome I just CAN’T wait to try out on my Cd’s it’s Abstract painting, YES you heard that right… it’s a kind of painting that has me GA GA over cause I’ve seen it done & I think it’s the greatest thing I have EVER seen done as art.

I would like to share with you some videos of just what I’m talking about if you neverseen it or heard of it & I think you will be AMAZED at what it is & how to do it, it’s veryfun, easy & you can do SO much with it that it’s just really amazing the effects it makes.

You see the photo on here that’s just part of what you can do with it & make it really COOL looking but if you open the link I put on here O M G you will be amazed at just what you can do if you really put your mind into it & just play with it it’s so COOL.

All the Photos on here are from Pixabay, their not mine, just wanted to get that out there just so you know this is JUST a way of showing you the coolness of what you can do with craft paints IF your into this kind of thing & how it is done & what all you CAN  do if you ever want to get into something like this as a craft.

#2 Think OUTSIDE the box

If you want to get into this it's really simple to do as I've said before & you don't have to BUY your alcohol ink, you can make your own that way you can make your OWN colors up as well which is cool.

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#3 What an awesome Idea

What Videos I have on here you CAN check out the other Videos that's on the same page your own to get more ideas & tricks to try out but if your new to the idea here's a training video on how to get into it all.

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#4 It’s ALL about having fun

Alcohol painting is the best thing I have ever seen done you can do it on ALMOST anything Solid, check this video out on how you can make some COOL drawings.

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#5 There’s no end to what you can do

This is what I mean by there's NO end to what you can do with this type of painting as long as it don't soak into the surface your using is the WHOLE concept of this kind of painting of what you can do.

I hope you really enjoyed this Idea I've shared with you & would like to try it outas it is really fun & relaxing to just what I call doodling with paints & new Ideas.

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    • you got that right, as I JUST found it on you tube the other day
      so I have to get some alcohol & I will study on how to do this
      I think that will really be something that would look COOL on Cd’s.