Ideas for the kitchen: trendy, comfortable, original

Let’s start with the classic version.

Kitchen zone without windows

It seems that this is not the best option for the kitchen, but sometimes it is the only one. To compensate for the lack of daylight in such kitchen can install the suspended ceilings with additional lighting. This will, among other things, visually separate the common space. Finishing materials also can make such interior an exclusive one.

Classic – a way of life

Classics means not only passion. It is a way of life that describes a person who knows what he wants. The use of costly finishing materials while maintaining the overall environmental restraint is an essential feature of such an interior. The two-tier bar rises – today’s most fashionable attribute – suitable for both eating and working. The interior is decorated with luminaires.

Simple but tasty

The minimum quantity of details. Space is formed exclusively from the shape of objects and the composition of pale colors.

Solemn coziness

Such interior is more modern than before, but also in classical style. The room is in a regular shape, light, radiating peace and a solid family background. The common color scheme – white furniture combined with gilded and pastel colors.

Fancy ceilings

The same color gamut for the ceilings, kitchen furniture, bar … Maybe such cuisine cannot boast a common space, but the fancy ceilings give such kitchen a sense of originality and dignity.

The island principle

If you get bored by the usual layout of kitchen furniture along the wall, you can set up it by the island principle. Such a kitchen is multifunctional, it is quite laconic, fit with the entire interior, and it looks stylish. Warm colors for lovers of classical style is the best option.

Glorious family kitchen

The fabulous and noble colors shades abnormally contrast with solar lights and furniture. The coziness in your kitchen creates an atmosphere for a family kitchen. The abundance of daylight flowing through large windows highlights the overall color composition.

Delicate saving

Kitchen area along the wall is one of the options when it comes to saving space. The color of the solid furniture coincides with the color of the floor. The composition of such decor must be balanced by a delicate shade of the walls.

Practical modernity

Architectural and functional elements are combined to liberate the space. The shapes of furniture are specific, colors are neutral or bright. The brick wall is a trendy contemporary interior detail. Lightweight for the design provides mirror and mirror materials, as well as gypsum plasterboard ceilings.

Art Gallery

Matching different materials, colors, and textures show the host with artistic taste and intuition. Metal, coat, and glass – create the unusual, special design. Such interior is filled with light, the details are separate works of art, but organically interlocking, complementing and decorating each other.

Cold Elegance

Quite complex, but currently very popular high-tech style: laconic lines, little items, many precise geometric shapes, some bright color details. Cold elegance gloss (steel, aluminum) gives the kitchen an “industrial” view, but high-tech does not look heavy, massive: glass and translucent plastic make it lightweight. If you decide to choose now trendy high-tech style for your kitchen, do not forget the bright accents.

Maximum comfort

Minimalism – another progressive style, this is confirmed by its returning popularity. In most cases, young people make their homes in this style to maximize comfort in the easiest way. In such kitchen, space freedom is emphasized with maximum openness. The balance of the minimalist interior reflects the gamut of the colors: most often it is black and white with bright spots.

Luxury and greatness

A rich combination of colors and textures gives you space for luxury and magnificence. Light walls and floors are successfully opposed to dark furniture and luminaires. Some colorful details make the interior as colorful.

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  1. I just wish I could GET my kitchen like I want it, but on a fixed TIGHT income
    it’s all I can do to afford a kitchen sink WITH a cabinet right now that’s driving
    me up the wall I live in a cabin that WAS A open concept with JUST a sink in it
    & since I decided to make the place mine I’ve been working on it little by little.

    Maybe 1 day I will have the place like I want it (IF I win the lottery)

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