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Do You Have Any Idea Of What Whole House Generators Do?

If you have no clue then you may be in for an interesting read. A whole house generator can act as your backup power source in case of a power outage or you are facing electrical issues in your home. They are essential to have since no power is guaranteed all year without some kind of a power crisis or a share of rolling blackouts here and there.

Since we have progressed to a modern way of living, we largely depend on electrical appliances and mobile devices which require constant electrical power at all times. A lone generator cannot be used for a longer period of time since they are only meant to last several hours. You will need to opt for rigid portable generators that can last you for the whole day.

The home electric generator is a good solution that you should take a closer look at. The capacity of a home power generator is measured in kilowatts. It is a good idea to have an installation of an automatic transfer switch. If electrical power does get cut off or if you are facing low voltage power, the job of the automatic transfer switch is to temporarily disconnect that power from your home and have the home power generator supply your residence.

If you are opting for a home best Whole House Generator then you will have to pick a kind that would be a perfect fit for your residence. You will have to make consideration on the size. The size of a home electric generator will depend on the number of electrical appliances that you need to power in case of a blackout. Often times, a 12KW home power generator is used by most families to give them enough power for some time. You can visit for an extensive generator guide.

If you think that you can live well off without air conditioning for an extended period of time –then you can make a choice of picking out a smaller home electric generator. The smaller the generator is the less cost that you will be spending on. When you have decided to pick a home use generator, you can then make a calculation of the wattage of the electrical appliances that you will be required to operate.

It is not recommended to do your watt calculations online since there are cases where you will be given false results. When you are doing your calculation, you should seriously take into consideration that each of your electrical appliance is uniquely different. The appliance energy efficiency of each home appliance varies.

A typical home electric generator can help deliver power to your home whenever there is a power outage. You will be able to use important electrical appliances like the aircon, heater, fridge and even the stove. Whole house generators work by converting the mechanical energy form into useable electrical energy. The engine shaft is used to create an alternative form of magnetic field. Through the coil, the magnetic field forces the enactment of an electric force.

GenErac 5012 Powerstay whole house generator

The GenErac 5012 Powerstay whole house generators can power up to 12,500 W. Valued at $500,it allows for hardwired or direct plug-in connections. The home electric generator can be mounted inside the residence. It is a true home power saver that functions in an individual circuit protection. The wattage meters function in balancing your electrical load requirements. Its other features include:

  • Transfer switching handles that can be used in rolling blackouts
  • A readable dual wattage meters used to balance generator loads
  • Can be flush or mounted to surface indoors
  • Weighs at 27 pounds with a guaranteed 2 year warranty

Briggs & Stratton 71046 Whole House Standby Generators

whole house generator

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The Briggs and Stratton 71046 200 amp whole house generators are also worth having. Tagged at $700, you have a home power generator brand that has been trusted by many homeowners for over 100 hundred years. You will see plenty of Briggs and Stratton products in tool sheds and in the garage and having a home electric generator such as this is definitely worth keeping. Its features include:

  • Management of two full running appliances such as air conditioning and heater
  • Overloading electrical protection
  • A 200 amp transfer switch
  • An A/C power control module
  • A 3R enclosure


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