How Wall Plate Suppliers Can Help Complete Your Home Design

Wall plates or switch plates are pieces of material used to cover a switch or knob. They are usually rectangular and have openings cut into them through which a light switch or outlet can be accessed. Wall plates have not generally been associated with home design. They are included in every modern home, but their ability to add design value is usually ignored. Wall plate suppliers, however, specialize in these important and under-valued home elements. They allow customers access to hundreds of different designs and styles of switch plates, making it possible to incorporate them as complementary components of interior design.



Wall plates were originally designed to improve safety and functionality. They create safe access points to electricity by keeping wires covered. In the past these features were seen as necessary, but not necessarily design-friendly. As a result, designers have been focused on minimizing their appearance. For this reason, switch plates were made to blend into walls and draw as little attention to themselves as possible. While this is still an option for people who only care about the utilitarian use of these plates, the increasing variety of colors, designs, and materials used to create switch plates has made it possible to use them as stylish accent pieces that can complement a room’s design scheme.

Design Elements

Interior design is a form of art the requires attention be given to an overall aesthetic as well as the details within that aesthetic. To create an ideal interior living environment all the details need to complement each other. Though wall plates are not likely to ever be the central focus of a design scheme, they do make beautiful accents that can enhance the other elements. Wall plates can be used to add an accent color to an otherwise simple color scheme, for example. They can also be used to add slight variations in texture or emphasize a rugged or Victorian themed appearance. These small details can help to elevate the entire design without overpowering it and can provide those finishing details that make an entire space feel complete.

Wide Range of Choices

Since wall plates aren’t usually part of the central design theme they need to be available in many options. This ensures that they can fit into whatever design theme a customer has chosen and work seamlessly with other elements. Fortunately, wall plate suppliers have hundreds of options available. They have selections available to serve different functional purposes and fit multiple design plans. Suppliers sell wall plates in many different sizes and provide a range of material options as well as a wide variety of colors. Purchasing a wall plate from a supplier gives the customer the widest variety of choices, so that they can make sure that the plate they select will enhance their overall design scheme.


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