How to use flowers to step up your Diwali home decoration?

Hey guys! How are your Diwali preparations going? Okay, that was a lame question because Diwali preparations are always awesome, right? I understand you probably don’t even have time to answer this as you must be busy with all those cleanliness drives with your mother. With Diwali nearly here, everyone is all set to buy Diwali gifts,  decorate their houses and compete with neighboring homes. Yes, I know you do that. There is an inner competition to make your house look the best in the street, if possible, in town as well. Diwali is one of the most important festivals of Hindus, and several stories and customs revolve around this major festival.

While the stories are different in different parts of India, the preparations or the customs remain nearly the same. Like bursting crackers, buying Diwali gifts for friends, getting your home stocked up with Diwali sweets, and much more. And decorating your house is one of them. In India, houses are decorated in such a manner that anyone visits India at this time of the year, they can easily make out that its Diwali season. Fancy lights, earthen diyas, rangolis, aromatic candles, etc. are used in the decoration process. But have you ever wondered how flowers could help in doing the same? Yes, flowers can be incorporated to enhance the home decor and even are even considered auspicious. Flowers are indeed beautiful, and everything and can automatically lift up any decoration.

On top of it, Decorating with flowers doesn’t even need time and a high budget. If you know how to use them, you can do it in no time. Clueless where to start from? Don’t worry, here are some Diwali flower decoration ideas.


When I think of Diwali decoration, the first thing that comes to my mind is the rangoli since rangoli is the most prominent decoration during Diwali. It sure represents Diwali, and each house mostly has at least one rangoli resting on their entrance. For those who don’t know what exactly rangoli is, let me explain it to you. It is a colorful design or pattern made on the floor with colorful rangoli powder, rice, flour, paints, grains, or chalk. Well, ditch all these materials this time and try flowers. Colorful flowers like marigold, roses, and jasmine. You can even add fancy diyas to enhance the look.

For the ones who just came to know about this thing, you should give it a try this time.

Flowers for torans

Toran is a perfect decoration to welcome your guests because it is placed at the entrance of the house. Since it is placed at the entrance, torans are the main attraction of any house as it is the first thing that catches the sight of a visitor. So they ought to be beautiful, right? Though there are readymade torans available in the market, they are either made with fake flowers, or you don’t get a choice to customize them. So, my advice is that you make them at home. Don’t worry, it is very easy, and you get to use the flowers of your choice. You can even use mango leaves along with flowers.

Floral theme party

Since Diwali is a perfect time to revive relationships, thus many people celebrate Diwali by throwing a party at their houses. Well, a lot of thought goes in to organize a party. You know you can use flowers in your Diwali party as well. Well, to save on your efforts, I would suggest you go with a theme party. And the theme is florals. People can dress up in florals prints and accessories made with flowers. And to match up the home decor, you can decorate your staircase with flowers( since the stairs are the most ignored area), your pooja room, pooja thali, centerpiece, windows, etc. with different flowers. People prefer to send Diwali gifts to Delhi, and other cities where your loved one resides.


Here is one more idea that can change the look of your interior. As we all know that chandeliers are something that makes for an important part in any type of decor, so this time make chandeliers with flowers. Trust me, these floral hangings or chandeliers take the festive decoration a notch up.

Get down to work and use these ideas to let the festive spirit start already.

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Written by Aditya Pandy

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