How to plan a home extension your kids will love!

Planning a home extension can be stressful. It is so important that your kids love any house extension as it is a big family decision. Follow these steps to make sure you get a home extension that your kids will love!

Don’t be boring

Kids love bright colours and exciting spaces. Following the crowd is boring. Explore the option of having some family zones in your new home extension. This can let you chill out with the kids in an exciting space. Even better – why not turn your home extension into a kitchen and you can cook dinner whilst the little ones play?

Flood your home with light

Kids love light. Fitting your house extension with skylights, glass roofs and self-cleaning glazing can really brighten up your home and give your child a happier life.

By using glass roofs and skylights you can also help protect your kids by increasing security in your home. Skylights in your extension takes away some of the need for windows that can expose kids.

Keep in colourful – seriously!

Kids love colour. Think bold and colourful designs when decorating your home extension. This will excite your kids when they are in the house and make your home extension a loving, warm place that they will want to play and spend time in.

Even better – why not invest in some decals? Wall decals allow you to print cartoon images onto the wall. Children (and adults) will love this!

Have secret hidey-holes

As a kid what is cooler that secrete hidey-holes for hide and seek or for storing away treasure?! Adding some mysterious spaces into your extensions means kids can have a real adventure in their home. Throw yourself back to when you were younger. If you were like me you spent most of your time creating dens in-between sofas and in hidey-holes. Now ask yourself this – would you want to take that away from your children?

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