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How to make your congested bedroom look spacious?

When we enter the home after long hours of work, bedroom is the place we look at like some heaven to soothe our soul. Do you feel your room is too small and congested despite you got rid of all the clutter? Obviously, you can’t resize your room. There are plenty of ideas to look up for improving your room space. Let’s dig into some of them:

Multifunctional decor

In your room’s precious space, every piece of furniture matters. You don’t need to stuff your room with a lot of furniture, rather go for smart multifunctional furniture. For instance, a sofa or bed which has storage space, a small table that can be used as a desk, broken down ottoman for storage or more sitting, folded ottoman to use as a sofa cum bed. Get a cool day bed which can be used for sitting and also so comfy to sleep. For a more customized approach, you can find many DIY on the internet.

Compact desk

Sometimes, having a desk seems to be necessary for a proper sitting area while studying or working. It will let you not feel sluggish. If you don’t have enough space for such table, opt for wall desk which can be folded up in the wall. This type of desk consumes way less room and not cover unnecessary space when not in need. It can also be built in accordance to have more storage space.

French window

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When it comes to decor, a French window is a wonderful pick. This floor-to-ceiling glass window helps in making your room look more spacious. It will also let more natural light enter your room. Also, the open space extending beyond the window will make the room look more capacious. There are two standard types of French windows: In-swing and Out-swing. Above that, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Life-size scenic art

Do you find too many plain things boring? Make it dramatic by adding a big piece of art. It is also visually appealing to see something fun than a heavy furniture piece when you enter the room. If you have a small bedroom, picking up a bigger painting will be a smart act. Disseminating too many small painting or prints over the wall will make the room more congested.

Go neutral

If you want to make your room look bigger, go for monochromatic colors or lighter shades on your walls. Try to keep your furniture design or color sync in with your wall paint. You can opt for pastel colors which look classy and are also soothing to the eyes.

With lighter color walls, you also need neutral color on flooring. In case, you already have bold shades or dark wood flooring and have no plans to replace it, you can go with lighter color rugs or carpets. Replace as much flooring space as you can with small prints and plain color rugs.

Mirror Trick

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It’s the oldest design trick. Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. The illusion of the space makes it look bigger than it is in reality. It also bounces light around the room, making the room brighter. Howbeit, you have to be careful while selecting the size of the mirror and the place where you are going to put it. For example, don’t turn your bedroom into a mirror house by adding it everywhere, just select one wall and cover it with the mirror or a sliding closet door.

Utilize vertical space

You don’t have to display everything. To much clutter in the room makes it look untidy and small. So, you can build cabinets above your cupboard, desk or bed for getting extra storage space. It will use under-utilized open space of walls and make the room feel lighter. You can hoard there your rare or less utilized things.

Hence, making a small bedroom look immense is not a big deal! All that you need to do is just choose the right ways. The aforementioned tricks can certainly be some of them.

With such creative techniques, you can beautify your less spacious bedroom and make it look like no less than the place that you’ve always dreamt of!


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Written by Lyuthar Jacobs

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