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How To Make Your Bedroom Winter-Friendly

Winter is well and truly here and, as we head into the festive season, the best thing to do after a long and busy day is to snuggle up and get warm. With dark and cold mornings and evenings, many of us struggle with adapting our sleep schedules to this new season and our bedrooms play a huge part in how we sleep.

With the weather, indoor heating, bedding choices and even what time you have a bath or shower in the evening all playing havoc with our sleep schedules, it is important that you make your bedroom as winter-appropriate as possible, as you’ll feel much more rested and relaxed over this busy season. If your bedroom is in need of a winter revamp, then here are some ways you can make your bedroom a winter-friendly and snug retreat from those long, cold days.

Invest In A Rug

If you have wooden floors in your bedroom, then you should never underestimate just how cosy the addition of a rug can make your room feel. Choosing a rug to match your bedroom decor is easier now than ever, with so many styles available. Whether you have contemporary furniture or bohemian decor, you’re sure to find a rug which suits your room!

A good rug will help to absorb sound within the room, so if you hear echos when walking around or talking in your bedroom, then a rug will help to absorb the sound and the cold. Plus, getting out of bed in the morning and putting your feet on a warm, fluffy rug is much nicer than wincing at the cold floor under your feet!

Choose The Right Bedding

Soft and comfortable bedding is a must in the winter and choosing the right components will make all the difference. Firstly, the quality of your mattress plays a huge part in not only the comfort of your bed, but your health too. If your mattress is over 8 years old, then you really should look at getting a new one.

High quality mattresses are much more affordable now and are of better quality than they were just 5 or so years ago. Opting to spend a little more when it comes to your mattress and bedding will make all the difference and, in winter, you should be looking for good quality cotton bedding and materials. Not only is it soft, but is warm and washes well.

Fragrance Is Important

Candles create a relaxing and soothing ambience, which is even more needed during the winter months, but did you know that the scent of your bedroom is important too? If your room smells musty or unpleasant, then you’ll subconsciously avoid being in that room as much as possible, which isn’t great if you want to relax in the evenings, so having candles in your bedroom is the ultimate must-have when it comes to winding down in the evenings.

You can’t beat a scented candle in the winter and fresh fragrances, such as balsam and fir, are particularly popular at this time of year. If you really want a relaxing candle, then look at ones with a wood wick, as they crackle when burning and make a sound similar to that of a fireplace, which is perfect when snuggled up with a good book or watching a movie!


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Written by Ifan Faris

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