How to Incorporate Bohemian Style into the Kids' Bedroom

You have probably heard before that some “lead a Bohemian lifestyle,” meaning that they dress and act unconventionally. The term originates from the time refugees from Central Europe, mostly Bohemia which is the present-day Czech Republic, moved to the west of the continent. At the beginning of the 20th century, a Bohemian lifestyle became so immensely popular that the term is nowadays used in an ironic fashion.

The fashion style of “boho-chic” that took up in recent decades reached interior design as well, as more and more people are applying it in their homes. It is most similar to the ideas promulgated by the hippie movement during the 1960s but oddly enough, parents are the ones using it for the décor of children’s rooms. This is because a Bohemian style is associated with a unique personal expression and individuality, which are traits children should develop as early as possible, at least in the West. A kid’s bedroom can benefit from several design details associated with this audacious fashion style.

Starting small

One thing that you need to understand early on is that Bohemian style did not originate in architecture, so it is not all-encompassing. Instead of a completely new look of the children’s bedroom, we can rather speak about details that we can introduce into this space. You can start from the wallpapers that can have vintage vertical lines and have bold color hues, such as yellow and pink. Furthermore, furniture can also be vintage, that is, bought from a garage sale or an antique shop.

There should be a wall centerpiece in the form of a large rug or a mirror. The latter doesn’t have to be a single piece of looking glass, as several small mirrors with vintage frames can be clustered together to form the centerpiece. Ideally, they can have shelves for displaying other items that go well with the décor of the room. When it comes to the bed, the linen should be multicolored and it should have texture on it. Floral patterns are extremely popular as they evoke rustic imagery. Finally, if you have room enough for a hammock chair, it would be an ideal addition to a Bohemian style bedroom that children will adore playing in.

Major alterations

Depending on how much you like the Bohemian style (and we like it a lot), you can always change the layout of the entire room and even the house to accommodate for different décor solutions. You can start from the floor that can be either hardwood or stone. The former can even be made from bamboo, as that is the cheapest option at your disposal. Stone floors should have large tiles that match the color of the wallpapers. If there is a balcony adjacent to the kids’ room, be sure to use outdoor pavers that are, like the one installed by Stone & Tile Projects made from granite for durability reasons.

Furthermore, if the windows inside the children’s room are small in size, you have to enlarge them. Don’t be afraid to smash a large hole in the side wall of the house, so your kids need plenty of light inside. A Bohemian style is connected with the sort of airiness that only open space offers, so plenty of air and light should enter the children’s room through the windows. The window panes can consist of several smaller panes that make combined the cross sign.

The right furniture

We have already mentioned some types of furniture that would go well with Bohemian décor but you can always refurnish the entire room. A hammock chair is usually made from rope and perhaps even thatched materials, ushering in the spirit of the countryside. Other materials should also be natural, such as pillows that can have arabesque-like textures, woven with gold threads. Even flowers can have woven pots and planters that will make the plant life an integral part of a boho-chic style.

The walls can be adorned with simple and cheap stickers that will show different animals. As the entire room, they should be picturesque and multicolored. Exotic animals, like the tiger, elephant or a leopard are especially suitable for this style that from time to time, resembles Hindu art. A touch of India inside the bedroom is more than welcome. Finally, handmade art is ideal for display, especially if the children made it themselves. This way, their bedroom will become a gallery of their own craftsmanship.

A Bohemian styled bedroom will allow the kids to express themselves artistically and develop their creativity. By starting small, you can introduce boho-chic style in no time, to the joy of your children who are going to love their colorful spruced up the room.

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Written by Lilly Smith

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