How to Choose Colors of Best Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite has undoubtedly established itself as the most popular material for kitchen worktops. Its durability, cost-effectiveness, class, have made it one of the designer’s choicest picks The range of colors and pattern choices available when you opt for a granite countertop is impressive.

While the kitchen is the heart of a home, a good looking worktop accentuates the kitchen design. Whatever effect you wish to exhibit, matching it with the granite can be a breeze considering the choices available. Many suppliers showcase a huge large variety in color, pattern, and sizes. Make sure you pick stones from the same batch for exact color matching.  India, Brazil, and Norway are the largest suppliers of granite in the world. Some of the most popular granite kitchen countertops include:

1. WHITE GRANITE: White granite worktops carry modernity as well as a vintage grace, depending on what these are paired with. While a pure white granite is extremely rare, one can choose from a variety of veined patterns created in different hues.

2.GREY GRANITE:  India and Brazil are the main suppliers of grey granites that look chic and trendy. Various shades of grey granite are available that can accentuate the décor and match up with the existing style. Silver grey, white grey, rich blue-grey, darker shades of grey, grey towards black are some of the many choices available. Opt for kitchen worktops with deeper, darker shades to create a regal warm look; or opt for lighter hues to lend a cool open look.

3.GRANITE BLACK: Black granite worktops exude an aura beyond the competition. It not only accentuates the worktop but adds a regal taste to the entire design. The choices can be endless, opt for:

i)A Steel grey Majestic black

ii)Rajasthan Markino with silver lines

iii)Nero mist with fine specks and veins in white creates a misty effect

iv)Agastha Black with is almost uniform white/grey veins gives a flowing look that softens the boldness

v)Black Galaxy with its golden specks on the bold black background adds for a regal grace

vi)Black Pearl as exquisite as a pearl is delicately specked in royal gold, silver, green, brown, grey giving the kitchen worktop freedom to match and flaunt dramatic extravagance.

vii)Absolute Black from India, Ubatuba and Black Marinace Granite from Brazil, Impala from South Africa, Black beauty from Italy make a powerfully dramatic impact on the décor.

Whatever you chose, the elegance that black granite renders to the kitchen can be mesmerizing.

4.BROWN GRANITE:   Brown granite worktops render an extraordinary elegance. You could opt for:

i)Tan is dark with royal effect; Golden brown stands a class apart.

ii)Leather has fine granules, mirror polish gives the kitchen a conventional grace.

iii)The Cats eye granite and Brazil brown have larger granules.

iv)Coffee, Golden persa , Chestnut, English, Antique brown are popular choices and can offer a unique style.

5. BLUE GRANITE: Quarried in  Norway, Africa, Brazil, and Ukraine these amazingly beautiful stones are reminiscent of a shimmering blue-grey seaside. Equally mysterious and beautiful, its veined or swirled (Homogenous) patterns, depending upon the natural mineral layout in the stone, make it a crowd-pleasing option for a kitchen worktop. Some popular types include:

i)Azul Granites  is rare and consistent in a bold pattern

ii)Crystal Blue/Krystal blue is more towards grey and has fine granules and a steel grey leather finish, both quarried in the Rajasthan India.

6.GREEN GRANITE: Found in India, Canada, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt, green is a very popular shade worldwide. Some popular shades are:

i)Green Eyes Granite (a subclass of Labradorite) also known as Lemurian Big Blue seems to have bright “peacock eyes” set in a rich dark green base. With bronze metal and subtle cabinetry, it appears best.

ii)Costa Esmaralda, a Persian variety, is breathtakingly beautiful with a translucent background with fluid patterns of white and grey veins.

iii)Green Marinace with a smooth pebbled appearance, oozes the lush freshness of nature. It has a unique moss green with each pebble-like formation having its own distinct color.

iv)Safari Green from Brazil has an unusually soft, diagonally aesthetic, meandering waves brings in a fresh breezy effect.

v)Charnockite, better known as UBA TUBA also Brazilian, is dark and olive green in color. Found in the leather finish also, with running patterns it portrays magnanimity of nature through the mesmerizing green base.

7. RED GRANITE: Indian, Emerald, Carmen, China Imperial red are popular shades of red granite. Used extensively in the pyramids of Egypt, Indian palaces and fortresses, it has a rich history to vouch for its grandeur. Hues from pinkish to deep red and burgundy and patterns spewed with attractive silver, blue, black and white speckles and veins; exude energy.


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Written by Raphy Johnson

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