Homes with Red Bricks are back and trending

Red brick homes may seem old and dated but they are definitely not obsolete; they have an unequalled charm and lasting beauty that stays relevant even in this age, even more so due to global warming. They are strong, durable and provide good insulation against heat and noise. If the red brick look does not suit your style, we have a few intelligent tricks and hacks to share, so that you can enhance the appeal of your house with a modern twist. These contemporary additions to red brick buildings present an interesting and alluring congruity that will make your home truly stand out.

A Private Courtyard

If your red brick house is almost permanently in shadow, due to unsightly neighbouring buildings, then it is a good idea to go for a new open floor plan. A well-designed extension that makes space for a cosy private courtyard can increase the incoming sunlight. Moreover, the smooth interaction between the indoors and outdoors is beautifully brought out through the contrast between the exposed recycled brick and the new glass and white timber boards used in creating the courtyard.

Glass Box Extension

This is a very unique and creative way to juxtapose the beauty and integrity of the original red brick home. The glass box can work as a cozy, contemporary seating arrangement or a fully equipped modern kitchen with or without dining space along the garden in the backdrop. Huge sliding doors can make the transition from inside to outside pleasant and simple to give an elegant, modern touch to the classic red brick style. You will find plenty of opportunity to incorporate this idea in your own way if you are planning to buy some of the finest apartments in Thane.

Large Glass Doors and Windows

If you seem to have outgrown your red brick home (‘because it’s so last century!’) and would like to have a contemporary extension, then consider installing large glass windows. They harmonize with the existing structure and highlight the brick exterior quite beautifully. The extension may comprise an oversized window or door that frames the outdoor space and becomes an area to relax, unwind, meditate, exercise or simply gaze out at the surrounding garden and sky above.

Glazed Atrium

As happens with many of the older buildings, there is the challenge of insufficient natural light and deficient space planning. A solution to this is installing a glazed atrium which could serve as a casual relaxing retreat or dining area that also works as a link connecting disparate spaces in the household. Plus, it brings light into the entire building and creates comely ventilation. This is a brilliant way to bring a fresh new twist to your house especially if you happen to own one of the best 2 Bed Residences on Ghodbunder Road.

Contrasting With Wood

Apart from placing chic and attractive glass and wooden extensions separately, one can also enhance the appeal of red bricks in the home interiors and bring out a modern tone. This can be done by complementing the red brick walls with finished hardwood flooring and ultramodern furniture and other accessories. Instead of leaving just one wall in exposed brick for effect, one can keep the rough red bricks out in the open on multiple walls. The rugged, old world look contrasts beautifully with the smooth finish of furnishings, to deliver a trendy ‘unfinished’ feel.

Make Over

Sometimes it is just a few little tweaks here and there, tastefully done, without breaking a sweat that can work wonders and give you the results you’re looking for. Think for instance, painting the red bricks exterior with an earthy neutral shade like grey. Further, you may accessorise the appearance with a polished black front door, a slatted screen, alluring light fittings and customised roof design that reflects your personality.


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Written by Anjali Dixit


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  1. I like the red brick look in houses and even schools. My elementary, middle and high school had a few classrooms with red brick walls thanks to an edition that was built way before I entered the high school.

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