Guide to buying a mattress

Have you ever thought of buying a mattress and then got confused which one to buy or which one to choose?

This is not uncommon; almost everyone ends up getting confused while choosing a good mattress for themselves. Though, it seems that what is so important with choosing a right mattress for yourself, it is extremely important for your sleep, your health and your investment. Good sleep has become difficult in this tough life, so why not invest your time in choosing something which would give you a good night’s sleep.

Every individual has specific needs. For example, if you are a person who likes to read, study and flip magazine pages much on your bed, then probably you would need a mattress which is more firm in place of a mattress which is extra soft. Right?

So if you have decided to buy a new mattress for yourself, here’s a small list of guides to buying a mattress and let you know how you can choose a mattress for yourself and your family.

  • Know the mattress types:

You must have a general idea about mattresses before buying them or visiting the mattress store. It is important because when mattress expert would tell you about them you can understand them clearly, not just nodding your head in utter confusion. For example; there are foam mattresses, spring coil, pocket sprung mattresses etc. What are their features and how they are different from each other? If you understand it well, but then, if you don’t, then there is a mattress expert available in the store.

  • Consider your health problems: Never hesitate to ask your doctor for the suggestion he could give to you as he is the one who understands your health very well. In that sense, he can give you the suitable suggestion for your specific need.  For example: if you have back problem then he could suggest you go for more soft mattresses or firm mattresses. Therefore, before visiting the store, ask your doctor.
  • Check your mattress: even though your mattress expert at the store explains you well about the features, but how would you be convinced and confirmed. How can you understand that which mattress suits your body best? Of course, you need to test it, check it. You should practically lie down on the mattress for 10- 15 minutes with a natural body position that you prefer at night. This test will let you know your comfort level of the mattress, your relaxation level and your likeness about the mattress. After that, you can choose according to your choice very easily.
  • Know your bed well:

a mattress is needed to be put on a bed. Therefore, you should know well the size of your bed. Is it King or Queen Size or you just need a mattress for your toddler’s bed? All these simple things make your purchase a well informed one and you can even easily tell your needs to the mattress expert. Just imagine a scene where you were asked about something specific about your need and you looked puzzled. Aghh! I am sure; you don’t want to repeat that again.

  • Couple mattresses: Now the real challenge you face at night when your partner tosses and turns at one side of the bed and you get frequently disturbed by the body movement of your partner. There are mattresses available in the market for solving your this problem. Whenever you plan for your new mattress, look for the one which has features like a shock absorber. For example, Pocket sprung mattress has individual pockets having coils which are specifically made to absorb shocks. These types of mattresses would suit your needs. Mattress made especially for couples work on other things like space, comfort and firmness. You just need to be more aware of your specific requirement.
  • Check for warranty: A high-quality mattress would be your choice, just be attentive about the warranty period it comes with. You won’t want your mattress to be useless within a year or two. And it is also true that no one wants to invest such huge amount again on mattress just after 1 year. So it’s better to check for a warranty period before you buy any mattress. A good and high-quality mattress would be having 3- 5 years of warranty with it.
  • Look for trusted brands: As anyone would not buy any car only for its looks, like that you should not buy any mattress just for the attractive design, color or package. You should look for the attractive feature and that too, even in trusted brands. A good brand generally has the largest customer base, good track record and trustworthy after sales service. Many people end up buying high-cost mattresses and finding later on that company’s after sales service is so bad that they even do not register their complaint. So always go for trusted and good brands.
  • The thickness of the mattress:

A mattress from the same brand, same quality and same size could come in different thickness. So it would be better to make up your mind about your mattress thickness that you would like to buy.

This simple guide would seem to many as usual, but believe me this would not only save you from confusion, but will also make you think twice about spending extra money on an unnecessary requirement.

Mattress just looks the common and usual stuff for your home and bedroom. The majority of you would think that it is just another necessary requirement for completing your bed set. But it has lot more connection to your health, with your sleep and with your comfort. An uneasy, incomplete sleep is enough to make your next day full of irritation, yawns and half-baked concentration in your work. So if that is how a mattress, used at night, is related to your day, then you should definitely give your time before buying a good mattress for yourself.


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