Glass in the interior

With the advancement of technologies, more and more glass is emerging in the interior, including its substitutes. The glass is especially useful in small spaces, the furniture from made from the visually almost does not load the room.

The glass is most often used in modern interiors, although the tendency is to elegantly insert glass details into a classic or even historic interior.

However, when choosing glass details, keep in mind that it resembles ice: it gives lightness and space, but also cools the room, as if it does bring cold. In addition, the thick layer of glass has a bluish-greenish watery tinge. Therefore, you need to think carefully if you are planning to put a lot of glass into rooms orientated to the north, north-east.

The glass looks great where there’s plenty of space, lots of light. I more emphasizes the space, giving to it the fragility and enriching the light.
House made of glass. I do not know who wants to live in it, and I want to believe that it really is warm. But the technological feasibility is obvious.

When I was looking for illustrations of glass products, I mostly came across tables. Tables of glass are far from new in the interior. Now it’s interesting not that the table is made of glass, and how the table is made of glass.

 I wanted to separate these tables into a separate group. Because their feet are highlighted. And the glass countertops seem to have been made just to make those legs look as interesting as possible. This makes the furniture a sculpture.


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