Get Ready For Snow Season With New Windows

No Need To Wait – Get Windows That’ll Withstand Colorado’s Snows

Another Colorado winter is right around the corner… and you might be remembering the chill you experienced last winter.

Are your windows old, and less efficient than they used to be?

Are they leaking warm air out, and letting Old Man Winter in?

And maybe you’ve experienced “snow damage” that’s made your old windows even more problematic.  Here in Denver and Colorado, the wind often blasts the snow sideways into your windows, damaging your screens and threatening to open holes in your window seals.

Get a lot of snow on your older windows, and you could be in for trouble.  The snow melts… the water runs into every nook and cranny… it re-freezes, expanding and pushing a gap into the seal around your windows… and soon you have seals that aren’t, well, sealed!

But though you may think you’ll have to wait for warmer weather to undertake a window replacement, it might surprise you to know that winter is an excellent time to get new replacement windows that can stand up to Colorado’s cold and snowy weather.

Three Great Reasons To Schedule Your Window Replacement Now

New windows will increase the value (and beauty) of your home.  If your existing windows are older, a window replacement project is a wonderful investment.  But if you’ve been thinking about putting off your new windows until springtime, here are some things to consider:

  • Availability.  This is the slow season for window replacement firms… so you’ll be able to schedule your replacement project much more quickly and conveniently than you would if you call when the company is at its busiest.
  • Affordability.  Manufacturers of replacement windows are also seeing a slow-down this time of year… so you might be able to pick up some great bargains on the windows that’ll make your home warmer and prettier for the holidays.
  • Energy Savings.  Of course, you’ll start seeing a difference in your utility bills soon after you replace those old, leaky windows.

Won’t Replacing Windows In The Winter Make The House COLD?

Not necessarily.

The best window installers use just the right techniques to ensure your home doesn’t become unbearably cold while the project is underway.

They replace one window at a time, to limit your home’s exposure to winter’s chill.

They install floor-to-ceiling plastic barriers at the opening, to further minimize the heat loss.

They keep doors closed to rooms where windows are being replaced, to limit the movement of cold air between rooms.

And, of course, the best window installers are aware of the potential “mess” created by going in and out of your house during the snowy (and muddy) season… and they plan the work to keep things neat and clean throughout your home during the window replacement project.

Go ahead and replace those old, drafty windows.  Get immediate relief from high winter heating bills… and add attractiveness (and value) to your largest asset (your family’s home).  And make sure to find a top-notch installer who’ll put in locally-made windows which are designed and built specifically to handle Colorado’s altitude, climate, and sun exposure.  New windows for Christmas?  They’re sure to give your family a warm feeling.



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Written by Jay Lillien

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