Floor Decor 101

If you think the floor in your apartment or house is just a surface which you walk all over and which occasionally houses a particularly prong-shaped LEGO (Possibly in revenge for you walking all over it! Get it! It’s like,… the floor has feelings, like, you know… Alright! Moving on.), boy oh boy are you in the wrong!

Other than supporting our weights as well as the weights of our household objects, our floor areas can serve a decorative purpose- and one that’s roughly on par with the decorative merits of some household objects traditionally used in decorative purposes.

In this here article, we’ll propose to you some solutions for enhancing the looks of the floor in your house or apartment, so that you can get annoyed even more when your pets soil it! And also, your guests will be jealous of your new arrangement which is a plus if you’re a sociopath, and by some recent studies- we all are!

Right then, without further ado, let’s get right into our Floor Decor 101 suggestions!

Floor Decor Solutions 

1) Repairs 

This one may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes all it takes to make your floor shine in volumes o’ light, is a bit of tweaking.

Quite right and indeed! If it’s a wooden floor we’re talking about, make sure to fix any bulging planks, drive in missing nails and,  as a finishing touch, polish it neatly so that it shines like a diamond. It can get quite shiny, though. Very bright.

On a serious note, any sort of floor can be massively visually improved with just a bit of fixing and cleaning every now and then. And you can always get consult websites like the Handy Nest to get more info and inspo. Therefore, don’t miss out your sweeping sessions, folks!

2) Paint Jobs

Another step in the direction of NOT buying a brand new floor or a carpet but rather optimizing your existing one would include a couple of brushes and a lot of paint! (Well, depending on the size of your property, really.)

To pull this off, make sure to take into consideration factors such as the color of your walls, the way the light throws its rays through your windows, as well as the configuration of the furniture in your apartment. Imagine ending up with a swamp-green floor and you’ve got something like purple walls! (But then, why do you have purple walls? What are you Julius Caesar?)

Just kidding, of course, everyone’s free to do whatever they like with their walls. (Even painting them purple.)

3) Parquet 


Commonly seen in apartments and houses alike, a well-polished and ‘puzzled in’ parquet can represent a massive asset to the person at the helm of a floor looks-enhancing operation, so to speak.

Wooden parquets, in general, are hard not to like, as the natural properties of wood will make even the worst sort of botched parquet installment look like, ehm, well,… wood!

Bottom line, stick a bunch of wooden planks to the bare bones version of your floor, make sure they all fit together, polish it up (No splinters, no funny business!) and Bob’s your uncle!

4) Area Rugs 

If you find that the floor itself isn’t chic enough for your taste, or you just like that fuzzy feeling beneath your feet as you walk across the room, getting yourself an area rug can be a perfect solution for your needs!

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or indeed your pantry, a strategically-placed area rug can turn it into a comfortable environment you’ll love to walk about. Heck, even a well-placed anti fatigue mat could do the trick fairly well!

The great thing about this solution is that rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to choose to your heart’s content!

Mind though, that rugs also mean that you’ll have to put in a little bit of extra effort in their maintenance, lest they become dusty, lice-infected and smelling like a thousand badgers died together in one rancid heap.

All things considered, turning your floor into a pleasantly-looking part of your household isn’t really nuclear science. All you need to do is invest a little bit of effort in repairs and maintenance, choose a good looking surface et voila!- You’ll have a top o’ the line flooring area in your home!

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